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Monday, August 5, 2013

random word of the day: TO PLAY OUT

random word of the day: to PLAY OUT – rozegrać się, potoczyć się, rozwijać się (to happen, to develop, to turn out, to unfold)

(1) I’m oddly intrigued by the Superman/Batman crossover that was revealed during SDCC. On the one hand it will be amazing to see two giants of the film/comic book world in the same film together (…). On the other hand the latest films were very different in tone and style so it will be interesting to see how it plays out.

oddly – dziwnie (strangely)

intrigued – zaintrygowany (very interested by something strange, unusual or mysterious)

a (fictional) crossover – rodzaj kontynuacji (sequela), w którym scalają się ze sobą wątki przedstawione w dwóch różnych filmach lub – jeszcze częściej – występują bohaterowie dwóch różnych filmów (the placement of two or more otherwise discrete (separate, different) fictional characters, settings or universes into the context of a single story. 

SDCC – San Diego Comic Con – a convention held annually in San Diego California, for fans of comic books, science fiction, fantasy, horrors, anime, manga, video games, etc.

(2) If you’re just not attracted enough for a second date, let the date play out and if offered the bounce to another venue, just say: “I’d rather stay, I like it here.” Be polite and gracious even if your date isn’t. If he offers a hug, take it. If he goes to kiss you on the mouth, turn your head to offer the cheek.

a bounce – wyjście z lokalu (leaving/exiting a place)

a venue – miejsce (a location, place)

gracious – uprzejma (behaving in a pleasant, polite, calm way)

(3) It was painful to watch the Colts losing so badly, and I didn't want to sit there and watch it play out minute by excruciating minute to the end.

excruciating – koszmarny, rozpaczliwy (extremely embarrassing)

(4) I'd like to schedule Comic-Con and the Adult Entertainment Expo at adjacent venues and watch the awkwardness play out.

to schedule – zaplanować (to plan)

adult – dla dorosłych (showing naked people and sexual acts)

expo – targi (a show in which industrial goods, works of art, etc. are shown to the public)

adjacent – sąsiadujące (very near, next to, or touching)

a venue – miejsce (a location, place)

awkwardness – niezręczna sytuacja (a socially embarrassing situation)

(5) You never know exactly how an interview will play out, but you can prepare yourself to be as confident as possible. There’s a saying that “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” It’s a pretty good definition for a successful interview.

(6) 10 Ways to Handle a Friend Flirting With Your Man Without Acting Crazy
Take a hard step back and examine the situation before doing anything at all. This may be a situation in which you have to do nothing – it will simply play out, make for an awkward few hours, and then be over.

to handle – radzić sobie (to deal with)

to take a step back – zastanowić się przez chwilę (to wait and think about what to do rather than do something silly)

to examine – zbadać (to analyse)

to make for – przyczyniać się do czegoś, powodować (to result in)

awkward – niezręczne (socially embarrassing)

Hi guys!

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