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Saturday, April 28, 2012

My Digs: It Won't Cut It

Hi guys!

To everybody who has just started the ultimate long weekend – have fun and enjoy the hot and sunny weather! Just don't forget to stock up on some SPF.

I don't want to use the m-word, but to all the people who are taking final exams next month, good luck with your revision!

ultimate – najdłuższy, najlepszy (most extreme or important because either the original or final, or the best or worst )
to stock up on something – zrobić zapasy czegoś
SPF – sun protection factor
the m-word – słowo na literę M
revision – powtórka materiału

Recently I've been told that the first rule in blogging is not to write too much. The shorter the entry is, the better. How presumptuous is it of me, then, to write such wordy blog posts and expect you to read them?!!! Very presumptuous!!! ;))

But if you're game, I'm game too and I'm happy to oblige ;)

an entry – wpis
presumptuous – arogancki, bezczelny
wordy – rozwlekłe (za długie)
be game – gotowi zaryzykować (willing to do things that are new, risky or difficult)
be happy to oblige – chętnie pomóc (to oblige – to please or help someone, especially by doing something they have asked you to do)

Today's post is dedicated to just one English phrase: to cut it. It's usually used in the negative form. When something doesn't cut it, it means it is insufficient or inadequate. When a person doesn't cut it, they are unable to deal with problems or difficulties satisfactorily.

insufficient – niewystarczający
be unable – nie być w stanie
to deal with – radzić sobie z




I will have to call the phone number because the email didn't cut it.

That excuse is not going to cut it.

When hiking just won't cut it, try humming and hiking at the same time.

an excuse – wymówka
to hike – chodzić na piesze wędrówki, wędrować
to hum – nucić sobie

TLFT – an acronym meaning “too long for text” – typically used when 160 characters or less just won't cut it.

Weird Horse Tees: When normal just won't cut it.

an acronym – akronim, skrótowiec
characters – znaki
a tee – a t-shirt – koszulka

hooves – kopyta

I feel like social networking became a phenomenon because people really needed a more passive way to stalk their ex. Driving by their apartment at 3 am just wasn't cutting it.

social networking – udzielanie się na internetowych serwisach społecznościowych
a phenomenon – fenomen
to stalk – prześladować, śledzić
an ex – była, były

creepy – przyprawiające o gęsią skórkę
Jackpot! – Strzał w dziesiątkę!

Cliché Valentine's gifts won't cut it for women.

Eggs for breakfast don't cut it without bacon or at least a sausage.

The phrase is often used with the word anymore (US)/ any more (UK):

Using your birthday as a password won't cut it anymore.

When it comes to storing important financial documents, a tattered shoebox just won't cut it any more.

cliché – oklepane
at least – przynajmniej
to store – przechowywać
tattered – podarte, poszarpane
to vote – głosować
a poll – ankieta

Hope you enjoyed the post. Feel free to vote in the poll on your right.

See you in my next post!


Saturday, April 21, 2012

English in Pics: In the Office

Hi y'all!

I hope you're all doing well!

I know that talking about work on a weekend is like wearing pyjamas to a prom – a social suicide, but I will give it a try anyway :P.

What I do in my everyday life can be classified under freelancing. The good thing about freelancing is that no one can fire you. The bad thing about freelancing is that the only person who can motivate you in the morning is yourself. That's why there are a lot of lazy bums among freelancers ;).

y'all – you all
a prom – bal studniówka
a social suicide – śmierć towarzyska, suicide – samobójstwo
anyway – i tak, tak czy inaczej
classified under/ as –zaklasyfikowane jako
freelancing – praca na własny rachunek, bycie wolnym strzelcem
to fire – zwolnić z pracy
a lazy bum – leń, obibok
among – pośród

The closest I have ever got to having an office job was just after I graduated from university. I spent several months working for a company that specialised in market research in the pharmaceutical industry. The hours were decent – no one started work before 9 a.m. and the atmosphere was fun and relaxed. The three things I remember most from this period are: office chit-chat, the start of my YouTube addiction and eating instant noodles (in America they call them ramen noodles).

Despite not knowing as much about office work as some of you guys, I have picked a few words that go with the office theme. As always, I hope you find them interesting :).

to graduate from – ukończyć
market research – badania rynku
the pharmaceutical industry – branża farmaceutyczna
decent – przyzwoite
a period – okres
chit-chat – pogaduchy
an addiction – uzależnienie
instant noodles, ramen noodles – zupki chińskie, noodles – makaron
despite – pomimo
to go with something – pasować
a theme – tematyka, motyw przewodni




You're definitely missing out on a lot fun if you work in an office and you don't have one. Swivel chairs are cool because even though you're at work, you can still feel like a little kid.

a swivel chair – krzesło obrotowe
to swivel – obracać się
to miss out on a lot of fun – omija nas dużo zabawy



This is where you need to go and socialise when you're new or you fancy a co-worker.

to socialise – udzielać się towarzysko
to fancy – podobać się; He fancies Kate – Podoba mu się Kate.
a co-worker – współpracownik



Filing trays are tricky because instead of helping you organise your documents, they introduce chaos. I know. I used to have one.

tricky – zdradzieckie ;)
to introduce – wprowadzać
I used to have one. – Kiedyś taką miałam.



I have always told myself that if I ever settle down and have a serious adult office, I will buy myself a fancy paperweight. It leaves a lasting impression, doesn't it?

to settle down – ustatkować się
fancy – drogi, kosztowny
a paperweight – przycisk do papieru
lasting – trwałe
an impression – wrażenie




While everyone dreams of landing a top management position and working in a corner office, most of us, mere mortals, work in in an open plan office.

to land – podłapać
a top management position – stanowisko wysokiego szczebla
mere mortals – zwykli śmiertelnicy




There are many words in English to call a book for your appointments, to-do lists and reminders. One thing is certain: you definitely need one if you want to appear busy and important

an appointment – umówione spotkanie
a to-do list – lista zadań
a reminder – przypomnienie
certain – pewna
to appear – wydawać się


If not handled properly, a stapler is a very dangerous piece of equipment. Use it with caution! ;)

to handle something – obchodzić się
properly – odpowiednio
with caution – ostrożnie




Use them for nice messages only.


If you have ever wondered what those yellow American notepads are called, they're called legal pads. Traditionally, legal pads have blue horizontal lines and a margin on the left.

a notepad – notes
horizontal – poziome
a margin – margines



Or you can always use your hands instead.

Some other words: 















letterhead – papier firmowy

Hope you enjoyed.

See you in my next post. And don't think about work or school too much ;)


Friday, April 13, 2012

How Do I Say It in English: jeśli chodzi o

Hi world!

What did you all find in your Easter eggs? I found Alfred aka Mr Giraffe. Alfred is a hipster and he doesn't care.


And while we're at the topic of chocolate Easter eggs, what are you most interested in: the chocolate or the toy?

I would always think that it was the toy that was the most appealing part of the egg but I've been proven otherwise. Just the other day, my student informed me that she had no interest in what the small yellow plastic egg contained and that she just always craved the delicious chocolate. And you know what? I had to almost force her to open her yellow egg. Inside, there was a crocodile. A toy crocodile of course. She wasn't impressed. I guess the chocolate is still her winner.


Now, onto the subject of today's post. It's nothing ground-breaking, really. But if you have ever wondered how to say “ jeśli chodzi o” in English, this post is for you. I've tried to include options that are more common in spoken English, so don't be surprised if some more formal translations are missing. Enjoy!

aka – also known as – znany też jako, alias
He doesn't care – ma wszystko gdzieś, nie dba o nic – he's just a cool giraffe ;)
and while we're at the topic of – I jak już jesteśmy przy temacie …
appealing – atrakcyjny
to be proven otherwise – być wyprowadzonym z błędu,
just the other day – ostatnio, niedawno
to contain – zawierać
to crave – mieć ochotę na, być złaknionym czegoś (but to have A CRAVING FOR)
to force somebody to do something – zmuszać
I guess – domyślam się
ground-breaking/ groundbreaking – przełomowy, odkrywczy


I have a "shoot on sight" policy when it comes to hipsters.

When it comes to bags, Chanel is always a classic, but I also love Balenciaga because their styles are fun and edgy.

When it comes to Katniss and her feelings for Peeta and Gale, she's all over the place.

shoot-on-sight – strzelać bez ostrzeżenia
a policy – zasada
edgy – z charakterem
she's all over the place – ma mętlik w głowie (all over the place – mętlik, bałagan, być w nieładzie)


As far as TV series go, this is my favourite.

As far as must haves go, you should have at least one or two pairs of jeans that you really love and feel good in.

As far as energy drinks go, there are some that promise to pick you up when you’re dragging, and others whose names seem like their main purpose is to knock your socks off.

a tv series – serial (tv series – seriale)
to pick somebody up – dodać energii
to drag – wlec się
main purpose – główny cel
to knock somebody's socks off – If something knocks your socks off, you find it extremely exciting or good – podjarać (?)



So, as far as I'm concerned, coupons are not only still relevant – they're awesome.

As far as I'm concerned, coupons don't work for me because most of them are for junk food or items I never use.

As far as coupons are concerned, clipping them out of a newspaper is so much easier than signing up for random websites.

relevant – istone, ważne, na czasie
awesome – super
They don't work for me – Nie zdają u mnie egzaminu. Nie są dla mnie przydatne.
to clip something out of a newspaper – wycinać coś z gazety
to sign up for – zostać członkiem
random – przypadkowe


As for my favourite beer, its a toss up between Sam Adams (Boston Lager) and Hoegaarden.

But as for my favourite car, it would have to be the Porsche Boxster.

And as for girls who try to stay away from me — my charm always wears them down.

a toss up – remis (If you describe a situation as a toss-up, you mean that either of two possibilities is equally likely)
lager – piwo jasne
to stay away from – trzymać się z daleka
charm – urok
to wear somebody down – pokonać czyjś opór (to make someone feel tired and less able to deal successfully with a situation)


Lookwise he is ok. He just doesn't get my blood rushing or anything.

Spectator-wise or sponsorship-wise or money-wise, it's not the biggest event.

What should I pack clothes-wise?

to get somebody's blood rushing – działać na kogoś, podniecać kogoś, rush – szybko płynąć
a spectator – widz
meh – said when you are not impressed, bored


Excuse me, Gisele, about that bet you made last month...

About that question you asked me, the answer's yes.

Hi! About your request for photography tips, a woman on Etsy taught me "Sunlight is your friend".

a bet – zakład
a request – prośba
tips – rady


Hope you enjoyed. See you in my next post. (Oh, and don't forget to tell me how cool Alfred is in the comments below).


Thursday, April 5, 2012

Girly Talk: Bags

Hi ladies and all the lurking guys!

Since posting the first instalment of Girly Talk on hair couple of weeks ago, I haven't received any complaints or hate mail. Therefore, I thought it would be a good idea to bring back Girly Talk but concentrate on a different matter this time round.

However, before we proceed any further, I would like to make a quick announcement:

to lurk – czaić się, przeglądać fora internetowe nie zostawiając komentarza itp.
an instalment – odcinek, partia
a complaint – skarga, zażalenie
hate mail – unpleasant or cruel letters from someone who dislikes you
to bring back – przywrócić
this time round – tym razem
before we proceed any further – zanim przejdziemy dalej (to proceed – kontynuować)
make a quick announcement – podać krótki komunikat (an announcement – komunikat)


I do not consider myself a fashion or a beauty blogger nor do I aspire to be one ;). Anyone who knows me knows well that I've got as much fashion sense and style as a 12-year-old boy. LITERALLY. Thus, any fashion and beauty-related posts are strictly for linguistic purposes and are NOT to be understood as fashion or beauty advice.

Now that we've got this business out of the way, we can move on to the focus of today's post which are bags. Small bags, big bags, bags for school, for work and minute party bags on silver chains :) We all have at least one in our possession and some of you have tens of them.

to consider yourself someone – mieć siebie za, postrzegać siebie jako
to aspire to be – aspirować do miana
sense – zmysł, wyczucie
literally – dosłownie
thus – tak więc
for linguistic purposes – dla celów językowych
out of the way – za sobą/ za nami
to move on to – przejść do
the focus – główny temat
minute – drobniutki, malutki /my-new-t/ (this is not a dictionary transcription, but I think it should help you)
a chain – łańcuch, łańcuszek
in possession – w posiadaniu


You might be confused by the terminology. While British girls call it 'a bag', American gals usually refer to it as 'a purse'. In British English, however, a purse is a type of a wallet.

a gal – dziewczyna
to refer to something as – nazywać coś



Whether it is for financial reasons or because of personal beliefs, ladies are now more likely to opt for a bag made of pleather (plastic leather). I've been going even further and purchasing bags with just pleather details. Here's why:

Friend: Wow, I love your new bag. Is it real leather?
Me: Thanks. No, it can't be. I got it at Reserved. It's probably artificial leather.

Two weeks later

Me: Damn!
Friend: What's the matter?
Me: The bloody leather is coming off my new bag!

pleather/ artificial leather/ imitation leather – sztuczna skóra
to opt for – wybierać
to purchase – kupować
pleather details – wstawki ze sztucznej skóry
bloody – przeklęta
to come off – schodzić



I remember this dilemma quite well. Which should I go with: silver or gold? If I buy a bag with gold hardware (buckles and zips), I won't be able to wear silver bracelets or silver rings. If I decide on a bag with silver elements, I will have to wear silver accessories all the time. Really tricky. Thank god, now it's all in the past. It's not only acceptable but also preferable to mix silver accessories with a bag with gold details!

a dilemma – dylemat :-)
hardware – metalowe elementy
a buckle – sprzączka
a zip/ zipper – zamek
a bracelet – bransoletka
accessories – dodatki
tricky – trudne, skomplikowane
it's all in the past – to już przeszłość


Give me a tote bag and I will fill it with the so called necessities! I carry nose drops when I don't have a cold and my prescription glasses when I'm wearing contacts. Before I leave, I throw in extra pens, tissues and I have recently started carrying around a bottle of the nail polish I happen to be wearing. I do that just in case I might need one of these items ;) If, however, all I have is a small clutch, I will be fine. Just deprived of all my necessities.

a necessity – artykuł pierwszej potrzeby
nose drops – krople do nosa
prescription glasses – okulary korekcyjne
a nail polish – lakier do paznokci
just in case – na wszelki wpadek
an item – przedmiot
deprived of – pozbawiona




Women are infamous for the mess in their bags. It seems like your hand takes a plunge into a bottomless ocean when you try to find something in a woman's purse. I personally don't mind the mess though. I once owned a messenger bag.  It had a multitude of pockets and compartments and every single thing had its place. However, I could never remember what went where and would often panic that I lost my home key or my wallet. It seems messenger bags are just not my thing ;)

be infamous for – cieszyć się złą sławą ze względu na
take a plunge – zanurzać się
a multitude of – wiele
a compartment – przegródka


I hope you enjoyed this Girly Talk. Let me know your favourite type of bags in the comments below :)

See you in the next post!