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Monday, June 26, 2017

random word of the day: EASTER EGG

random word of the day: EASTER EGG

ENG: a secret element of an app, a film, a TV show, etc.

POL: ukryta funkcja aplikacji, ukryte nawiązanie w filmie, serialu itd.

(1) An Easter egg is an intentional inside joke, a hidden message, or a secret feature of an interactive work (often, a computer program, video game or DVD menu screen). The name is used to evoke the idea of a traditional Easter egg hunt.

an INSIDE JOKE – żart dla wtajemniczonych (a joke that only some people will understand)
to EVOKE – przywoływać (to bring to mind, to make you think of)
an EASTER EGG HUNT – szukanie jaj wielkanocnych (an Easter tradition where children look for sweets hidden in a garden/park)

(2) An Easter egg, not to be mistaken for the chocolate kind, is a hidden treat within a piece of software that was put there by the developers.

NOT TO BE MISTAKEN FOR – nie mylić z (it is not the same as)
a TREAT – nagroda, smakołyk (a prize)
a PIECE OF SOFTWARE –aplikacja/ oprogramowanie (an app or a computer program)
a DEVELOPER – twórca (the author)

(3) Keep reading to see 10 Easter eggs and references in "Beauty and the Beast" you may have overlooked.

a REFERENCE – odwołanie (talking about something else, here: showing something else)
to OVERLOOK – przeoczyć (to miss, not to see)

(4) Easter Eggs aren't just chocolate as every film fan knows. Here are some of the best ever sneaky movie moments.

SNEAKY – sprytny (clever)

Sunday, June 25, 2017

random word of the day: SLIDES

random word of the day: SLIDES
ENG: shoes that you usually wear to a swimming pool, backless and open-toed
POL: klapki

(1) Slides are as easy and comfy as they sound. There are no straps or buckles to mess with — you just slide them on and go!
a STRAP – pasek (a mini belt)
a BUCKLE – sprzączka (the metal part of a belt/ flat, typically rectangular frame with a hinged pin, used for joining the ends of a belt or strap)
to MESS WITH – tu. zmagać się (here: to spend/ waste time on)
to SLIDE (a shoe) ON – wsunąć (to move smoothly along a surface while maintaining continuous contact with it)

(2) This summer, slides of all stripes have become the unofficial lazy-girl shoe.
OF ALL STRIPES – każdego rodzaju, wszelkiej maści (of all types)

(3) Move over gladiator sandals, it's all about the slide this summer. Slides have gone from '90s Adidas house slippers to stylish leather designs, some with a low heel for a dressier touch.
MOVE OVER! – z drogi (Get out of the way!)
IT’S ALL ABOUT – uwaga jest skupiona na (everyone should look at/ talk about)
HOUSE SLIPPERS – kapcie (comfortable shoes you wear at home)
A HEEL – obcas (the part of a shoe that makes you look taller)
FOR A DRESSIER TOUCH – dodający elegancji (making you look more elegant)

4) That feeling you get when you take off your bra after a long day is similar to how I feel when I wear socks and slides.
a BRA – biustonosz (a piece of underwear that covers a woman’s chest)

Saturday, September 10, 2016

random word of the day: a COWLICK

random word of the day: a COWLICK

ENG: bit of hair that always sticks out on someone's head

POL: sterczący kosmyk włosów

(1) A cowlick is that often annoying little sprig of hair that seems to grow in a different direction from everything else and just won't lie down
a SPRIG  –  dosł. gałązka, tu: kosmyk (a single small plant stem with leaves on it)

(2) I've finally learned how to tame my dreaded cowlick.
to TAME – poskromić (to control something dangerous or powerful)
to DREAD – lękać się, bać się (to be scared of something)
DREADED – przerażający, straszny (awful or scary)

(3) 10 Celebrities Who Have Overcome the Tyranny of the Cowlick.
to OVERCOME – pokonać (to beat somebody, to win a fight with somebody/ something)

(4) I've tried doing a side fringe, but because it's not how the cowlick naturally falls, it always goes back to the middle. What do you girls do?
a SIDE FRINGE – grzywka zaczesana na bok (bangs that point to the side)

(5) My niece has two cowlicks side by side on her crown, each going in opposite directions, so when she was a baby she had the cutest little natural mohawk that stuck straight up! Now her hair is very long, and you would never know.
SIDE BY SIDE – obok (next to each other)
the CROWN OF ONE’S HEAD – czubek głowy (the top part of a head)
a MOHAWK – irokez (a sometimes brightly coloured hairstyle, often worn in punk fashion, in which the hair is removed from the sides of the head and a central strip is made to point out from the head)
to STICK UP (STUCK-STUCK) – sterczeć pionowo (to point up above the surface of something and not lie flat)

YOU WOULD NEVER KNOW – Nikt by się nie domyślił. 

Sunday, September 4, 2016

random word of the day: THAT'S A BIT RICH COMING FROM YOU

British word of the day: THAT’S A (BIT) RICH COMING FROM YOU

ENG: You are not being fair – you are as bad as me.
You are a hypocrite.
Look who’s talking.
You’re one to talk./ You should talk.

POL: I kto to mówi!

(1) A: Your driving terrifies the living daylights out of me.
B: Oh yeah? That's rich coming from you – your driving is rubbish.

to TERRIFY THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS OUT OF SOMEONE – śmiertelnie kogoś przerażać (to scare someone very much)
RUBBISH – beznadziejny (bad at something)

(2) A: Are you chewing on a funny looking mushroom by any chance?
B: That's a bit rich coming from you. I've not heard anything productive or remotely related to reality from your corner yet.

to CHEW ON – przeżuwać (to bite something with your teeth)
REMOTELY – w najmniejszym stopniu, choć trochę (only a bit)

(3) RON: You know we are not supposed to do spells outside school.
HARRY: Bit rich coming from you. (staring at the floating car)
RON: Oh, this doesn’t count. We’re only borrowing this. It’s dad’s, we didn’t enchant it…

a SPELL – zaklęcie (a magic formula)
to STARE AT – przyglądać się (to look at something for a long time)
FLOATING – unoszący się w powietrzu (flying)
THIS DOESN’T COUNT. – to się nie liczy
to ENCHANT – zaczarować (to use magic on)

(4) A: Hey, can we give a thought to the little one here?
B: Ho, ho. That’s rich coming from you considering what the little one has seen and heard.

CONSIDERING – zważywszy, że (keeping in mind that)

(5) ROBIN: I’m not engaged anymore.
STRIKE: Why not?
ROBIN: This is rich coming from you.
STRIKE: What’s rich?
ROBIN: We don’t talk about personal… you don’t talk about personal stuff.
STRIKE: I seem to remember spilling my guts all over you in this very pub
ROBIN: Once.

to SPILL YOUR GUTS – zwierzać się ze swoich problemów (to tell someone all about yourself, especially your problems)
IN THIS VERY PUB – dokładnie w tym pubie (in this exact pub)

Friday, September 2, 2016

random word of the day: OVER MY DEAD BODY

random word of the day: OVER MY DEAD BODY

never, If you say something will happen over your dead body, you mean that you will do everything you can to prevent (stop) it

po moim trupie

(1) I know Dad wanted Gran to move in with us when she's better, but Mum said 'over her dead body', and that if Gran moved in, she'd move out.

to MOVE IN WITH SOMEONE – tutaj: wprowadzić się do kogoś (here: to start living in someone’s house)

(2) You want to take my kids away from me? Over my dead body!
*whips out a shotgun*

to WHIP OUT – błyskawicznie wyjąć (to pull out quickly)
a SHOTGUN – strzelba (a long gun which fires a large number of small metal bullets at one time, which is meant to be used for shooting birds and animals)

(3) [at his wife's funeral]
Daniel: When she first mentioned what's about to happen, I said, "Over my dead body." And she said, "No, Daniel, over mine... "

A FUNERAL – pogrzeb (a ceremony for burying or burning the body of a dead person)
to MENTION – wspomnieć (to talk about something for a short time)

(4) Over my dead body will I ever recommend anyone buy an appliance at Sears. Waiting over 2 weeks for a service call on my washing machine that has already had to be serviced 5 times now. Then receiving a call just now saying they have to reschedule to next week. Totally unacceptable customer service. Never again.

an APPLIANCE – urządzenie (a machine)
to RESCHEDULE – przełożyć na inny termin (to agree a new and later date for something to happen)

(5) I have raised him to be a great man and it's touching that he won't leave me, but over my dead body is he going to give up his dreams for me.

to RAISE – wychowywać (to take care of a person until they are completely grown)
TOUCHING – wzruszający (making you want to cry)
to GIVE UP – zrezygnować (to resign from)

(6) They’re trying to take you away from me. Over my dead body.