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Sunday, September 21, 2014

How Do I Say It in English: ważny

Hi guys!

Do you ever need to use the word VALID in contexts like these two below and, at the same time, feel that it sounds a little bit too formal?

(1) My passport is valid for another two years.

(2) Is this contract/ticket/agreement still valid?

(In Polish we would translate it as “ważny” (still applicable).

I find the word VALID a little too formal in everyday conversation and therefore I was excited when I came across a nice, less formal alternative, namely: GOOD.

(3) [T]he company is sufficiently confident of its technology that if your bicycle is stolen, it guarantees a full refund for the purchase value of the bike. Unlike many competitors’ models, the guarantee is even good in New York.

THEREFORE – dlatego też (for this reason; that is why)

to COME ACROSS – natknąć się (to find by accident)

NAMELY – mianowicie (used when you want to give more detail or be more exact about something you have just said)

SUFFICIENTLY – wystarczająco, dostatecznie (enough)

to BE CONFIDENT OF – być pewnym czegoś (to have trust in something, to believe something is of high quality)

a REFUND – zwrot pieniędzy ( an amount of money that is given back to you, especially because you are not happy with a product or service that you have bought)

THE PURCHASE VALUE – wartość zakupu (how much it originally costs you to buy something)

UNLIKE – w przeciwieństwie (as opposed to)

A COMPETITOR – konkurent (a rival)

This is a quote from one of my favourite books: We Need to Talk About Kevin written by Lionel Shriver. You can find a short review of the book written by me here: 

Some more examples with GOOD:

(4) The deal is good for a year from time of enrolment.

(5) Consider the Senior Garden Pass if you are 60+ and will visit more than once in a year. It’s only $10 more than regular admission, is good for a year and includes free parking.

(6) The fee is good for a year from the date of payment.

ENROLMENT/ ENROLLMENT – zapisanie się (putting yourself onto the official list of members of a course, college or group)

to CONSIDER – rozważyć (to think about)

60+ – osoby powyżej 60 lat (people who are over 60 years old) 

ADMISSION – koszt wstępu (the money that you pay to enter a place)

to INCLUDE – obejmować (to also have)

A FEE – opłata (an amount of money paid for a particular piece of work or for a particular right or service)

Thank you for reading!

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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Story of My Life: A Practical Gift

Hi guys!

My brother got back from his vacay yesterday and brought me a cool gift. Not some dust-collecting figurine to put on a shelf, but something more practical: one of those twirly towels that you put on your head after you’ve washed your hair.
The concept is simple yet brilliant. You twirl the ending of the towel, like you would normally do, and then secure it at the back of your neck with a special loop and a button. After that you can move freely and the towel doesn’t fall off your head. 
Makes you feel like you are in a fancy spa or something :)

What holiday gifts do you enjoy giving or receiving? 

a VACAY – short for ‘vacation’ – urlop 
to COLLECT DUST – zbierać kurz (to get more and more dirty with time)

a FIGURINE – figurka (a small model of a human, usually made of clay or porcelain)

to TWIRL – skręcać (to turn (something) around and around)

to SECURE – mocować, przytwierdzać (to fasten one object firmly to another)

FREELY – swobodnie (without being limited, here: without fearing that it might fall)

a LOOP – ucho, szlufka (a portion of a cord, ribbon, etc., folded or doubled upon itself so as to leave an opening between the parts)

FANCY – luksusowe (expensive, luxurious)