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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Story of My Life: A Practical Gift

Hi guys!

My brother got back from his vacay yesterday and brought me a cool gift. Not some dust-collecting figurine to put on a shelf, but something more practical: one of those twirly towels that you put on your head after you’ve washed your hair.
The concept is simple yet brilliant. You twirl the ending of the towel, like you would normally do, and then secure it at the back of your neck with a special loop and a button. After that you can move freely and the towel doesn’t fall off your head. 
Makes you feel like you are in a fancy spa or something :)

What holiday gifts do you enjoy giving or receiving? 

a VACAY – short for ‘vacation’ – urlop 
to COLLECT DUST – zbierać kurz (to get more and more dirty with time)

a FIGURINE – figurka (a small model of a human, usually made of clay or porcelain)

to TWIRL – skręcać (to turn (something) around and around)

to SECURE – mocować, przytwierdzać (to fasten one object firmly to another)

FREELY – swobodnie (without being limited, here: without fearing that it might fall)

a LOOP – ucho, szlufka (a portion of a cord, ribbon, etc., folded or doubled upon itself so as to leave an opening between the parts)

FANCY – luksusowe (expensive, luxurious)

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