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Saturday, August 30, 2014

How Do I Say It in English: kupny

random thought of the day :D

If you have ever wondered how to say ‘kupny’ in English, as in something purchased rather than home-made, well, wonder no more :)

While reading Fault in Our Stars I came across this sentence:

I arrived early, enough time for (...) Linda to bring me up-to-date on everyone as I ate a grocery-store chocolate chip cookie while leaning against the dessert table.

The answer: grocery-store (in front of the noun)

AS IN – o znaczeniu (meaning)

PURCHASED – kupiony (bought)

HOME-MADE – domowy (cooked at home)

to COME ACROSS – natknąć się (to find something without looking for it specifically)

to BRING SOMEBODY UP-TO-DATE ON – podzielić się z kimś aktualnymi informacjami o (to share current info about someone)

CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES – ciasteczka typu Pieguski (biscuits with small bits of chocolate in them)

a GROCERY STORE – sklep spożywczy (a shop selling food)

GROCERY-STORE – kupny (bought at a store rather than home-made)

to LEAN AGAINST – opierać się o coś (to sit or stand with part of your body touching something as a support)

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