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Thursday, August 21, 2014

HOW-TO: Shop at a gas station

Hello :)

What happens when after celebrating your birthday the night before you are denied the one thing you need the most: your energy drink of choice?

Watch and see for yourself :)

to BE DENIED SOMETHING – ktoś nam czegoś odmawia (somebody doesn’t want to let us have or do something)

OF CHOICE – ulubiony (favourite)

A selection of  lines from the video:

I can’t sell this to you. It’s Gatorade, so it’s for gals who have been working out hard and breaking a sweat.

I drink this this stuff all the time after I work out.

But you’re not sweating now.

GALS – dziewczyny (GIRLS)

TO WORK OUT – ćwiczyć (to exercise)

to BREAK A SWEAT – spocić się (to get wet and tired because you’ve exercised a lot)

I feel like you don’t have really a winning attitude right now.

to HAVE A WINNING ATTITUDE – myśleć jak zwycięzca, mieć zwycięskie myślenie, dosł. podejście (to be optimistic, self-confident, etc. just like a winner)

- Are you waiting for….

- a winning attitude? I just need the Gatorade.

It’s not designed for that. It’s designed for workouts. So if you made distracted decisions at night, …

DISTRACTED – tu: wywołane roztargnieniem, nieuwagą (here: not well thought out,

Let me let my manager make a ruling on this, ok?

You can just hold on a second, I’ll grab him.

to MAKE A RULING ON SOMETHING – wydać decyzję (to make a (final) decision)
I’LL GRAB HIM. – Pójdę po niego. (I will go and get him.)

You gotta be sweating to have that.

YOU GOTTA BE – You’ve got to, you have to – musisz 

What do I need to do for the Gatorade?

This is awkward.

AWKWARD – niezręczne, kłopotliwe (embarrassing, uncomfortable)

Do you want me to do the chaturanga here in the gas station?

-These are nice. (about her sunglasses)

-Thank you.

Can I have a napkin?

a NAPKIN – serwetka (small square piece of cloth or paper used while you are eating for protecting your clothes or to clean your mouth or fingers)

Just use these little bags.

Is this gonna exert enough sweat? Enough to get back sweat on.

to EXERT – wykorzystać (to use)

BACK SWEAT – pot na plecach (when the upper back part of your body is wet)

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