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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

random word of the day: HAPPY HUMP DAY!

Happy Hump Day! :D



Middle of the week

The rest of the week towards Friday is a downhill ride

Implying that you have to get "over the hump" before you can anticipate the weekend.

You feel relieved that tomorrow is Thursday, then Friday, then the weekend.


a DOWNHILL RIDE – jazda z górki (something very easy, when you cycle and you don’t have to use much force because you’re going downhill)

to IMPLY – sugerować (to suggest)

a HUMP – garb (something sticking out on a road or on a camel’s back)

to GET OVER THE HUMP – pokonać przeszkodę, mieć najgosze za sobą (to get past the most difficult or dangerous part of an activity or period of time)

to ANTICIPATE – oczekiwać (to look forward to, to wait for)

to FEEL RELIEVED – odczuwać ulgę (happy that something unpleasant has ended)

THEN – potem (later)


Some people make jokes about Hump Day because the word ‘hump’ has also another, more NSFW meaning: to have sex.

NSFW – nieodpowiednie w miejscu pracy  Not Safe For Work, used to describe Internet content generally inappropriate for the typical workplace)

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