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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

HOW-TO: Scrambled Eggs

Hi guys!

Do you like funny cooking videos? 

If yes, I’ve got a treat for you.

Here’s a vid of Gordon Ramsay, the famous British f-word chef, teaching Jimmy Kimmel, the American talk show host, how to make scrambled eggs.

And oh boy, it’s an uphill battle for Jimmy.

Below you will find some of the expressions said by Gordon and Jimmy I’ve decided to translate for you. 



a TREAT – uczta, prezent (a gift, a surprise)

F-WORD – fuck

a TV HOST – gospodarz programu (the person who interviews cguests)

SCRAMBLED EGGS – jajecznica (see the vid)

an UPHILL BATTLE – trudne zmagania (something that is very difficult, often because other people are causing problems for you

to CRACK EGGS – rozbijać jaja (to cause the shells of eggs to break)

a WHISK – trzepaczka (a kitchen tool which you use for beating food such as eggs and cream in order to add air)

to WHISK – ubijać (to use a whisk)

a PAN – patelnia (a metal container that is round and often has a long handle and a lid, used for cooking things on top of a cooker)

PAN ON! – patelnia na ogniu (Put the pan on the stove.)

a LITTLE KNOB OF BUTTER – odrobina masła (a bit of butter)

(Jimmy laughs because a knob is also an offensive name for a man’s body part.)

to PUT A BIT OF EFFORT INTO IT – włożyć odrobinę wysiłku w (to try a bit)

AS YOU GO ALONG – at the same time

a SPATULA – łopatka (a cooking  utensil  with a wide flat blade which is not sharp, used especially for lifting food out of pans)

to MULTITASK – to do a few things at the same time)

KEEP ON WHISKING – don’t stop whisking

RELAX YOUR ELBOWS – rozluźnij łokcie

YOU’RE TOO TENSE. – Jesteś zbyt spięty  (Don’t be so nervous.)

to YELL AT SOMEBODY – wrzeszczeć (to scream at somebody)

I DIDN’T KNOW YOU WERE THIS SHIT! –Nie wiedziałem, że jesteś tak beznadziejny w kuchni. ( I didn’t know you were such a bad cook.)

OFF THE HEAT! – zdejmij z kuchenki (take it off the stove)

a TEASPOON of Crème fraiche – łyżeczka 

THAT COOLS THE EGGS DOWN – obniża temperaturę jaj (it lowers the temperature of the eggs)

the STOVE – piecyk, kuchenka (a cooker)

a FORK – widelec (what you eat with)

to HAVE A TASTE – spróbować czegoś (to try something, to eat a small amount of something to see if it’s good)

WAKEY, WAKEY! – obudź się, pobudka (don’t sleep, go faster)

THE SEASONING – przyprawy (the spices, the salt and pepper, etc.)

IT TASTES OF RAW EGGS. – smakuje jak surowe jaja (It tastes like uncooked eggs.)

FLEXIBLE – giętki, elastyczny (elastic)

to BEND – zginać ( to be flexible)

UNLIKE YOU – w przeciwieństwie do ciebie (not like you, you aren’t like that)

BACK OFF! – cofnij się (let me do it, move backwards)

SOUR CREAM – kwaśna śmietana (cream which is made sour by adding special bacteria)

FINAL TASTE – ostateczna próba potrawy (trying the dish for the last time)

a TOUCH OF SALT – odrobina soli (a small amount of salt, a bit of salt)

RUBBERY – gumiasta (of rubber consistency) 

to STIR QUICKLY – szybko mieszać (to mix it fast)

FRIED EGGS – jaja sadzone (eggs made on a pan, not shaken, eggs sunny-side up)

to VOMIT – wymiotować (to throw up)

to MESS THE STUDIO UP – nabrudzić, nabałaganić w studiu (to make the studio unclean)


  1. I love your blog. And your hard work put into creating posts is visible. Thanks!

    1. Thank you for such kinds words :) They mean a lot to me!