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Sunday, September 21, 2014

How Do I Say It in English: ważny

Hi guys!

Do you ever need to use the word VALID in contexts like these two below and, at the same time, feel that it sounds a little bit too formal?

(1) My passport is valid for another two years.

(2) Is this contract/ticket/agreement still valid?

(In Polish we would translate it as “ważny” (still applicable).

I find the word VALID a little too formal in everyday conversation and therefore I was excited when I came across a nice, less formal alternative, namely: GOOD.

(3) [T]he company is sufficiently confident of its technology that if your bicycle is stolen, it guarantees a full refund for the purchase value of the bike. Unlike many competitors’ models, the guarantee is even good in New York.

THEREFORE – dlatego też (for this reason; that is why)

to COME ACROSS – natknąć się (to find by accident)

NAMELY – mianowicie (used when you want to give more detail or be more exact about something you have just said)

SUFFICIENTLY – wystarczająco, dostatecznie (enough)

to BE CONFIDENT OF – być pewnym czegoś (to have trust in something, to believe something is of high quality)

a REFUND – zwrot pieniędzy ( an amount of money that is given back to you, especially because you are not happy with a product or service that you have bought)

THE PURCHASE VALUE – wartość zakupu (how much it originally costs you to buy something)

UNLIKE – w przeciwieństwie (as opposed to)

A COMPETITOR – konkurent (a rival)

This is a quote from one of my favourite books: We Need to Talk About Kevin written by Lionel Shriver. You can find a short review of the book written by me here: 

Some more examples with GOOD:

(4) The deal is good for a year from time of enrolment.

(5) Consider the Senior Garden Pass if you are 60+ and will visit more than once in a year. It’s only $10 more than regular admission, is good for a year and includes free parking.

(6) The fee is good for a year from the date of payment.

ENROLMENT/ ENROLLMENT – zapisanie się (putting yourself onto the official list of members of a course, college or group)

to CONSIDER – rozważyć (to think about)

60+ – osoby powyżej 60 lat (people who are over 60 years old) 

ADMISSION – koszt wstępu (the money that you pay to enter a place)

to INCLUDE – obejmować (to also have)

A FEE – opłata (an amount of money paid for a particular piece of work or for a particular right or service)

Thank you for reading!

Have a great day!


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