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Saturday, April 28, 2012

My Digs: It Won't Cut It

Hi guys!

To everybody who has just started the ultimate long weekend – have fun and enjoy the hot and sunny weather! Just don't forget to stock up on some SPF.

I don't want to use the m-word, but to all the people who are taking final exams next month, good luck with your revision!

ultimate – najdłuższy, najlepszy (most extreme or important because either the original or final, or the best or worst )
to stock up on something – zrobić zapasy czegoś
SPF – sun protection factor
the m-word – słowo na literę M
revision – powtórka materiału

Recently I've been told that the first rule in blogging is not to write too much. The shorter the entry is, the better. How presumptuous is it of me, then, to write such wordy blog posts and expect you to read them?!!! Very presumptuous!!! ;))

But if you're game, I'm game too and I'm happy to oblige ;)

an entry – wpis
presumptuous – arogancki, bezczelny
wordy – rozwlekłe (za długie)
be game – gotowi zaryzykować (willing to do things that are new, risky or difficult)
be happy to oblige – chętnie pomóc (to oblige – to please or help someone, especially by doing something they have asked you to do)

Today's post is dedicated to just one English phrase: to cut it. It's usually used in the negative form. When something doesn't cut it, it means it is insufficient or inadequate. When a person doesn't cut it, they are unable to deal with problems or difficulties satisfactorily.

insufficient – niewystarczający
be unable – nie być w stanie
to deal with – radzić sobie z




I will have to call the phone number because the email didn't cut it.

That excuse is not going to cut it.

When hiking just won't cut it, try humming and hiking at the same time.

an excuse – wymówka
to hike – chodzić na piesze wędrówki, wędrować
to hum – nucić sobie

TLFT – an acronym meaning “too long for text” – typically used when 160 characters or less just won't cut it.

Weird Horse Tees: When normal just won't cut it.

an acronym – akronim, skrótowiec
characters – znaki
a tee – a t-shirt – koszulka

hooves – kopyta

I feel like social networking became a phenomenon because people really needed a more passive way to stalk their ex. Driving by their apartment at 3 am just wasn't cutting it.

social networking – udzielanie się na internetowych serwisach społecznościowych
a phenomenon – fenomen
to stalk – prześladować, śledzić
an ex – była, były

creepy – przyprawiające o gęsią skórkę
Jackpot! – Strzał w dziesiątkę!

Cliché Valentine's gifts won't cut it for women.

Eggs for breakfast don't cut it without bacon or at least a sausage.

The phrase is often used with the word anymore (US)/ any more (UK):

Using your birthday as a password won't cut it anymore.

When it comes to storing important financial documents, a tattered shoebox just won't cut it any more.

cliché – oklepane
at least – przynajmniej
to store – przechowywać
tattered – podarte, poszarpane
to vote – głosować
a poll – ankieta

Hope you enjoyed the post. Feel free to vote in the poll on your right.

See you in my next post!


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