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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Story of My Life: Cezar the Doggie

Hello everybody!

Let's talk cats and dogs today, shall we? Are you a dog or a cat person?

I am definitely a dog person. I have been sure about that ever since I was a kid and got back from my friend's place with a few scratches on my cheek. The scratches came from her cat, which attacked me unexpectedly. OK, I did tease it a little and the attack was probably well-deserved but I was just a kid. I didn't know any better ;)

Can I have a bite of what you're eating?

Then, a couple years later, there was another cat in my life. My friends had an overweight black cat named Gudi. And I somehow liked her. For one thing, I felt sorry about how big of an appetite she had. I also liked her name, which I chose to pronounce and secretly spell in my head as “Goodie”. But even the most adorable cat can't compare to having a dog. There, I said it! :)

I love my pink toy-shoe.

My family has a yellow Lab called Cezar. And let me tell you that he wasn't all that great in the beginning. At first, he was a high-maintenance poop factory. My mum and him seemed to be attached at the hip. Wherever she went, he kept her company. But the minute she was out of his sight, he pooped and guess who had to clean that mess... He also hated walking on a lead and made me carry him half the walk every time I walked him.


The list of misdeeds in Cezar's short but eventful life is endless, including anything from scratched walls, chewed on stairs to ruined shoes and a half-eaten bus pass card. I asked my mum which of Cezar's bad deeds she remembered best and she told me the ones that stuck in her memory were when Cezar sneakily stole a piece of raw meat from the kitchen counter and when he would pluck leaves from her plant while running frantically around the living room.

Being naughty as always.

Having said that, I still love my doggie with all my heart – the morning pitter-patter of his paws on the wood-panelled floor, which I call 'tap dancing”, – him being excited about each new day, him nudging me with his nose when he needs attention, him wagging not only his tail but his whole body when he's happy, his wet nose against my cheeks (haha), his sighs that are so much like human sighs, him playing fetch without actually fetching the ball or stick, him sulking when someone has shouted at him and told him off, him rolling on his back instead of following commands, him playing with his pink toys even though he's a boy....


Most of all, I like it when it's just the two of us on a walk – him sniffing the grass and bushes, me – listening to music on my mp3 player and pulling him away from other dogs ;) And then, in the evening, when it's bedtime, I can snuggle up to him to keep me warm. He loves cuddling as much as I do.


No pics today!

dog treats/ dog biscuits

a collar and a lead

a pooper scooper

a scratch – zadrapanie, to scratch – drapać
a cheek – policzek
to tease somebody – psocić się komuś
well-deserved – zasłużony
I didn't know any better – Inaczej nie potrafiłam. (know better – be wise enough not to do something, to reject a stupid/ silly idea)
overweight – otyły
somehow – jakoś (for a reason which is not clear)
for one thing – po pierwsze (used to introduce a reason for something)
to pronounce – wymawiać
to spell – literować
adorable – uroczy
a Lab (Labrador) – labrador
high-maintenance – wymagający, kosztowny w utrzymaniu
poop – kupa (to poop – załatwiać się)
attached at the hip – przyczepieni do siebie (Two people who are always around each other, whom you never see one without the other) attach – przyłączać, hip – biodro)
to keep somebody company – dotrzymywać komuś towarzystwa
out of sight – poza zasięgiem wzroku
a lead – smycz
a misdeed – czyn karygodny, przestępstwo
eventful – bogate (w wydarzenia)
to chew on – obgryzać
a bus pass – sieciówka
bad deeds – złe uczynki
to stick in somebody's memory – pozostać w pamięci (stick-stuck-stuck)
sneakily – podstępnie
raw – surowe
the kitchen counter – blat kuchenny
to pluck – wyrywać, zrywać
frantically – szaleńczo
a doggie/ doggy – piesek
pitter-patter – tupot, stukot
paws – łapy
tap-dancing – stepowanie
to wag its tail – merdać ogonem
attention  – uwaga, zainteresowanie
a sigh – westchnienie
to play fetch – ćwiczyć aportowanie (to fetch – aportować, przynosić)
to sulk – mieć focha, być obrażonym, dąsać się
to tell somebody off – zbesztać kogoś
a command – komenda
to sniff – wąchać
to snuggle up to – przytulić się do kogoś
cuddle somebody – przytulać się do kogoś, tulić kogoś

Can I have a bite? – Mogę gryza?
naughty – niegrzeczny
a fattie – grubasek
a sleepyhead – śpioch

dog treats, dog biscuits – psie przysmaki, nagrody
a collar – obroża
a pooper-scooper – łopatka do sprzątania psich odchodów (a tool like a small spade, used for picking up and taking away a dog's solid waste from public places)


  1. Hi Karola,
    I am also a dog person :) Last year my little black doggy died (he was 16) and sice then I don't want to have any new pets as it wasn't easy to go thru that time.
    I love your pics!

  2. Hi Cindy
    I'm really sorry about your doggie :(
    I hope one day you can welcome a new pet into your life though.
    Thanks for stopping by!