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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Girly Talk: Hair

Waaaaaasssssup? :)

At idigenglish.blogspot.com we have really been slacking off lately, haven't we? In our defence we can say that February is just not a good time for hard work. The first half is very corny and annoying and the second half is just about being done with the winter and waiting for the spring to come. That's when the slacking off part comes into the picture ;)

Oh, and we probably shouldn't be speaking to you in the first person plural. The other person on our team left a long time ago – just before the launch of the blog, you know, the spokesperson. Now we (I) need to handle the press on our (my) own ;) Plus we (I) don't want to sound douchey :P

to slack off – lenić się
in my defence – na moją obronę
be done with something, somebody – mieć czegoś/ kogoś dosyć
to come into the picture –tut. pojawiać się
first person plural pierwsza osoba liczby mnogiej 
the launch of something – start, wypuszczenie na rynek
the spokesperson – rzecznik, przedstawiciel
to handle something – zajmować się czymś
douchey – idiotycznie, pretensjonalnie (from 'douchebag')


Getting back to the subject of today's entry – hair. At school I was always the ponytail girl so much so that my friend would berate me for being boring and predictable. However, at one point, it did change. I started experimenting with different colours and cuts and was no longer the girl in a ponytail but the girl who gets up 30 minutes before the girl in a ponytail.

an entry – wpis
a ponytail – kucyk
so much so – do takiego stopnia
to berate – zwymyślać (to criticize or speak in an angry manner to someone )
predictable – przewidywalna
a cut – a haircut – fryzura

a girl in a ponytail wearing glasses and paint-covered overalls


Some argue that your hair can determine your whole day and recommend taking an extra time in the morning to style it and make sure that it looks good. Still, even the best of us may experience an occasional bad hair day. A bad hair day is a day when your hair is unmanageable, unruly or windswept. (Note that some people find the last one attractive). It's funny how bad hair days always come at the worst of times – a job interview, a first date or a school picture day. It might seem that it's not exactly rocket science to manage and properly groom your hair but can you explain why following the same hair routine gives you different results? You shampoo and condition your hair while taking a shower. Then you towel-dry it with the same amount of time and pressure. Then you brush or comb it. Then you blow-dry it and sometimes you heat-style it with a curling or a straightening iron. And yet you can never be sure if today is not a bad hair day. On the other hand, there are days when you are in a hurry with just enough time to run your fingers through your hair and make a messy bun and yet everyone compliments you on how good your hair looks. Now that's crazy ;).

to determine – decydować o (to control or influence something directly, or to decide what will happen)
to style – tut. układać
unmanageable – trudne do opanowania
unruly – niesforne
windswept – potargane przez wiatr, rozwiane
note – zauważcie, proszę zauważyć
It's not (exactly) rocket science! – It's not very difficult.
to properly groom – odpowiednio pielęgnować
a hair routine – (codzienna) typowa pielęgnacja włosów
to shampoo – stosować szampon
to condition – stosować odżywkę
to towel-dry – suszyć ręcznikiem
pressure – nacisk, tut. siła
to comb – czesać używając grzebienia
to blow-dry – suszyć suszarką
to heat-style – układać używając sprzętu do układania włosów
a curling iron – lokówka
a straightening iron – prostownica
and yet  – i mimo to
a messy bun – luźny kok, (jakby w nieładzie)


The thing about getting a fringe (especially a full fringe) is that once you get it, you cannot “unget” it. You need to wait for it to grow out. Another problem is that there is usually one way for the fringe to be. Wind, rain or other people messing with your fringe will make it 'wrong' and will make you want to go to the bathroom to fix it. Don't get a fringe or bangs (as they call it overseas) if you are not ready for the hassle.

a fringe/ bangs – grzywka
to grow out – odrosnąć also (I'm growing my hair (out) – Zapuszczam włosy).
to fix – poprawić
overseas – za oceanem
a hassle – kłopot


My experience with colouring my hair is short but intense. In a short period of time I dyed my hair a reddish colour and then when I got bored with being a redhead, I dyed it blond. While I enjoyed the change and the feeling of being 'a different person', I was really happy to go back to being brunette. The colouring left my hair quite damaged, thin and always tangly and it took it quite some time to be its usual shiny and healthy self. Oh, and getting the roots done was a real hassle.

to colour, to dye (dyeing , dyed , dyed) – farbować
reddish – rudawy
a redhead – rudzielec
damaged – zniszczone
thin – cienkie
tangly – poplątane
roots – odrosty

And now some hair-related vocabulary. I hope you find it helpful ;)

hair elastics

a hair clip

bobby pins/ hairpins
a headband

hair rollers
hair extensions
a mohawk
a pixie hairstyle
ombre hair
pigtails with a parting in the middle
a braid/ plait
Please leave a comment and tell me about your hair :))



  1. hahah ;-) Liked it ! You little ginger : ) Btw. everyday is a bad hair day. Ehh...

    K. :)

  2. hahahahah

    I did have a soul back then though ;)


    Yes if you run out of the house last minute every day :P

  3. liked it ! mick

  4. thank you Mick, much appreciated ;)