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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

How Do I Say It in English: zrzucić się na coś

Hello ;)

This post may prove useful if:

  • you need to buy your best friend a present and you're broke;
  • you're going to drive somewhere distant and need someone to share the petrol expenses;
  • you're about to get pizza and there are people around;
  • it's Mother's Day and you've got siblings;
  • you've just put on your credit card an extremely expensive vase for your boss;
  • there's a party on Friday and you're a student or a struggling artist or
  • you have ever wondered how to say “zrzucić się na coś' in English.

broke – spłukany
petrol expenses/ gas expenses – wydatki na paliwo
get – tut. kupić
siblings – rodzeństwo
put something on your credit card – zapłacić za coś kartą kredytową
a vase – wazon
struggling – borykający się
to wonder – zastanawiać się


We all chipped in and bought flowers for the secretaries.

They all chipped in 50 pounds and bought their mother a trip to Greece.

Why don't we all chip in 10 dollars to hire a hit man to get you when you sleep? (said sarcastically)

On top of this, last week she threw a party for her 18th birthday and asked us all to chip in five pounds for the drinks.

to hire – wynająć, zatrudnić
a hit man – płatny morderca
on top of this – w dodatku


We all kicked in to cover the expense of the phone calls, which in the 80's were expensive.

We all kicked in money for the van and each threw in another 5 for Justin to stay sober and drive us around all day. Justin made 45 dollars!

Everyone brought their own entrée that could be grilled and we all kicked in on the veggies and desserts.

to cover (the expense of) – pokryć koszt
the 80's –lata osiemdziesiąte
to throw in – dorzucić
to stay sober – pozostać trzeźwym
entrée – danie główne
to grill - piec
veggies – vegetables – warzywa


We all need to pitch in 2 dollars to fix Kaitlin's phone because that H key is pissing me off .

I figure if I can get 500 people to pitch in 2 dollars, I can raise the $1000.

Everyone will pitch in 5 dollars and we'll buy an island somewhere and we can party with glow sticks and Nutella forever on our island.

If cost is an issue, I would suggest every racer pitch in 5 quid and I'm sure you would be able to fund the purchase.

to fix – naprawić
to piss someone off – wkurzać kogoś
I figure – tak sobie myślę
to raise (money) – uzbierać
an issue – problem
a racer – uczestnik wyścigu
quid – funt(y)
to fund – sfinansować
a purchase – zakup

glow sticks

a glow party pack


The keg is a great option if you can get everyone to throw down 5 dollars beforehand or at the door.

I threw down forty dollars when the bill came last night.

New FLYERS!!! Maybe if everyone at the next meet wants to throw down 2 dollars to help get them printed I would appreciate that
a keg  – beczka
beforehand – wcześniej
at the door – przed wejściem
flyers – ulotki
a meet – a meeting – spotkanie
I would appreciate that – Byłabym/byłbym wdzięczna/y

a beer keg


This English weather SUCKS! Let's all go splits on a Greek Island!

If she didn't offer to go splits on the 1st or 2nd date, there wouldn't be a 3rd, IMO.

I have a car so we could possibly go splits on gas or, if our timing works out to be different, drive separately.

to suck – być do bani
a date – randka
IMO – in my opinion
works out to be different – okaże się inny


  1. Always fun :-)


  2. I love the green T-shirt. I need to buy one for myself for a little blackmail to my man ;) haha