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Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Digs: Hipsters

Hi guys

I hope that spring has been treating you well.

Today I would like to talk about hipsters but before I go any further and offend anyone, let me explain one thing.

hipster glasses


To me there is nothing wrong with labels as long as they are playful and harmless. I myself have been called a 'class clown', 'a hipster', and a 'teacher' and although at first I found those labels mildly offensive, eventually I was able to laugh them off. You probably wonder who a 'teacher' is. HAHA. I'm not telling you. Figure it out on your own ;). Those who know me are probably nodding in approval though :P.

a label – etykietka
playful – żartobliwy
harmless – nieszkodliwy, niewinny
a class clown – błazen klasowy
mildly offensive – trochę obraźliwe
eventually – ostatecznie
to laugh something off – śmiać się z czegoś
to figure something out – domyślić się czegoś
to nod – kiwać głową
in approval – z aprobatą, zgadzając się


Here's a conversation I had the other day. It's about a pub/ bar in Poznań, Poland.

Friend: So how do you like this place?
Me: Yeah, I guess it's cool. I like the décor. If only there weren't so many hipsters here.
Friend: Hipsters?
Me: Yep, hipsters. Take a good look around you.
a few seconds pass
Friend: I guess you're right. Why didn't I see it before?
Me: I'm asking myself that too. <laughter>.

A pub (British English) and a bar (American English) are the same thing.
décor – wystrój
I'm asking myself that too. – Sama się zastanawiam.


I'm not going to reveal the name of the place in case I want to go there again. But if anyone is curious, its name starts with the letter M and it's the longer one. Sounds cryptic? It's supposed to ;)

to reveal – ujawniać
curious – ciekawi
cryptic – zagadkowy, tajemniczy
It's supposed to. – tut. Właśnie takie ma być.

Ok, but who are hipsters? They're those art major people who wear thick-rimmed glasses and mix second-hand patterned shirts (striped, checked, floral) with ZARA and H&M trousers (or the other way round). They like to think of themselves as unique and edgy. That's why in pretty much every conversation they name-drop philosophers, musicians and authors that you have never heard of and have no interest in. They go to cinemas with chairs that hurt your bum and gravitate towards bohemian pubs. They also insist on using iPhones and wearing cool trainers. Really edgy.

But that's just about hipsters in Poland. American hipsters have gone well past that.

art major people – studenci ASP ;)
thick-rimmed (glasses) – (okulary) w grubych oprawkach
patterned – wzorzyste
striped – w paski
checked – w kratkę
floral – w kwiaty
edgy – z (zadziornym) charakterem
to name-drop – rzucać znanymi nazwiskami
a bum – pupa
to gravitate towards – lgnąć do
to insist on doing something – upierać się przy czymś, robić coś zawsze
They have gone well past that. – Zaszli o wiele dalej.



Hipsters enjoy the unknown and the obscure. They stop liking a band or an author as soon as they become popular.
(The text in blue are quotes from Shit Hipsters Say videos on YouTube).

I liked it before it was popular.

You probably never heard of it.

Hey, I might start using a discman again.

No, I don't have a Facebook.

Their first album was better.

the unknown – wszystko co nieznane
the obscure – rzeczy mało znane, niejasne, ukryte


Hipsters have a smug sense of superiority. They are so self-absorbed that every one of them has a blog in which they share their enlightened views with the uncool public and other hipsters, whom they secretly despise. They don't dance at concerts and enjoy foreign films with subtitles.

It totally sounds better on vinyl.

Do you wanna start a band?

Vinyl sounds so clear.

Usually when I have to bring a girl back to my place, like to gauge where she's at, I put on Nickelback and if she likes it, I kick her out.

Have you read my blog?

pretentious – pretensjonalny
smug – zadowolony z siebie
a sense of superiority – poczucie wyższości
self-absorbed – pochłonięci sobą
enlightened – oświecone
to despise – gardzić
foreign films with subtitles – zagraniczne filmy z napisami
a vinyl – płyta winylowa
put on (music) – włączyć
to gauge – ocenić, zmierzyć
where she's at – jaka jest, jakiej muzyki słucha
to kick somebody out – wyrzucić kogoś (z domu)


Hipsters support independent artists and choose fair-trade organic produce over regular people food. They tend to be skinny and “are usually less than 5% body fat”. They also eat children's cereal.

Do you guys have a vegan menu?

Do you know if this is organic?

independent – niezależny
fair-trade – sprawiedliwy handel, fair-trade
organic – ekologiczna
produce – nieprzetworzona żywność
regular people food – jedzenie dla normalnych ludzi
cereal – płatki
vegan – wegańskie


Every hipster needs a camera. They'll take pictures, put them in black and white and they're automatically photographers. You will find them “crawling around in the woods taking photographs of dead leafs.”

I will totally instagram this.

to crawl – czołgać się
to instagram something – zrobić czemuś zdjęcie i wstawić je na stronę Instagram.com


'They also write – most will attempt poetry, or a novel, which will be set in a far-off fantasy world with characters named "Takeshi" and "Riku".'

Would you mind proofreading my novel?

wannabe artist – pozujący na artystę
to attempt – próbować (swoich sił w)
a novel – powieść
set – tut. toczyć się (o akcji)
far-off – odległy
to proofread – dokonywać korekty

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