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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Story of My Life: Uncool Blazer Obsession


I will take a wild guess and say that there are days when you probably think to yourself: “I'm cool. I'm wearing the right clothes. I smell good. For once, my hair isn't a mess and I'm in a good mood. I AM COOL!!!!!! 


Ok, my bad. Maybe it's just me and the Jersey Shore crew...

I'm just kidding. I want to share with you a story that made me feel like the opposite of cool – I felt like the biggest cornball on the planet!!!

to take a wild guess – zgadywać, powiedzieć nie mając żadnej pewności
for once – tym razem (used when something happens that does not usually happen)
in a good mood – w dobrym nastroju
my bad – przepraszam/ moja wina (my mistake, I'm to blame)
a crew – ekipa, zespół
a cornball – someone who is very corny – uncool


For those of you who don't know me in real life – I've got this strange obsession with blazers. My blazer obsession is so big that I wear them almost everyday. I only skip days when it's freezing cold or blazing hot. On those days, I'm forced to replace my trusty blazer with a chunky sweater or a tank top respectively.

to skip – pomijać, opuszczać
trusty – wierna (owned and used for a long time)
chunky – gruby
respectively – odpowiednio



If you need a further demonstration of my obsession, here it is. My friends and family often hear me say:

That's a nice outfit that you're wearing, but it would look so much better with a blazer.
This blazer would go great with the pants you bought last week.
Oh, River Island carries some nicely cut blazers.
I like the cut, but I hate the colour of this blazer, sorry.
Do you like my new blazer?
Whenever I have a bad day, I go and buy myself a new blazer.

I'm sure you get by now how I feel about blazers :)

to carry  – mieć w ofercie (to sell)
nicely cut – ładnie uszyta, o ładnym kroju
the cut – krój
you get by now – teraz już wiecie/ rozumiecie

Now for the exciting part. I teach a lovely family, almost all the members except for the dad. So I teach the mum and two boys in their early teens.

I was having a lesson with the mum the other day and we were discussing clothes and of course I just HAD TO bring up the subject of blazers. So we talked about them briefly and then moved on to some other topic. It was just towards the end of our meeting when my student said:

I need to say one more thing about blazers. I have just one blazer, a blue one, but whenever I wear it, my sons tell me that I look like their English teacher.

My facial expression was probably priceless :D

to bring up the subject – poruszać temat (to start to talk about a particular subject)
briefly – pokrótce (for a short time)
towards the end of the meeting – pod koniec spotkania
facial expression – wyraz twarzy
priceless – bezcenny

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this small chunk of my life ;)

About the poll. As you can see, my whole family has already voted. If you want to help me out a bit and let me know which segments are your favourite, cast a vote today.

If you don't mind me asking, what are some of your uncool obsessions? Let me know in the comments below if you're not too embarrassed about them :)

a chunk – kawałek (a bit of something/ a part of something)
to cast a vote – oddać głos

Have a lovely weekend!


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