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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My Digs: My Go-to Lie

Hi guys!


Sorry for being MIA last week.

I didn't manage to write a blog post over the weekend because I was busy on the day that I usually do it and it seems that if I don't follow my routine, everything just falls apart ;) Do you also need some kind of a routine to follow so that you stay on top of things?

The following subject was supposed to be featured in the previous entry but I got too carried away with my uncool blazer obsession story and decided to wait till next time to post it. (Squeezing everything in would have made the post superlong).

babble – paplanina (saying something in a quick, confused, excited or silly way)
MIA – nieobecna (missing in action)
to follow a routine – postępować zgodnie z wcześniejszymi przyzwyczajeniami (to do what you always do)
to fall apart – rozpadać się
be/ stay on top of something – mieć pod kontrolą (to be able to control a situation or deal with it)
to be featured – znajdować się, zostać załączonym, uwzględnionym (to be included)
an entry – wpis
to get carried away – dać się ponieść emocjom (to become so excited about something that you do not control what you say or do)
to squeeze something in – wcisnąć


Today's another instalment of me messing around with the Google search engine. This time round, I got excited about the go-to expression, which is used when you refer to items (or abstract ideas) that you reach for

  • as your first choice;
  • automatically/ without thinking;

  • when you are pressed for time and have no other option but your trusty solution.

an instalment – partia, odcinek (part, episode)
to mess around with – dłubać w czymś, grzebać w czymś (spend time doing various things that are not important, without any particular purpose or plan)
to refer to – wspominać (to talk about)
to reach for – sięgać po
I am pressed for time – brakuje mi czasu (I have little time)
trusty – wypróbowany (able to be trusted, especially because of having been owned and used for a long time)


My go-to dress is probably my little black dress (LBD). It's simple, classic and always goes with any colour of shoes and a lipstick.

LBD – mała czarna

My go-to lie is, “Oh I already promised Chris that I'd hang out with him. Maybe we can meet up later in the night though.”

to hang out – to spend time with

When my hair is acting up or I simply don't want to be bothered with it, my 'go to' hairstyle is a braid pulled to one side hanging over my shoulder.

to act up – tu. nie chcą się układać (to behave badly)
be bothered with something – kłopotać się czymś, zajmować się czymś (to worry about something, take a special care of something)
a braid – warkocz


My go to excuse is explosive diarrhoea. I usually add a few details like I have been on the toilet all day.

diarrhoea – biegunka

My go to cologne is Polo Black. I like to use an unscented deodorant with it.

unscented – bezzapachowy

Here is my go to pick-up line. It's not one of those cheesy ones that will get you slapped. I have used it at least 10 times and it worked every single time: Hello, my friend over there said that I couldn't start a conversation with the most beautiful girl in the room. Can you help me out?

cheesy – tandetny, oklepany
at least  – przynajmniej
every single time – za każdym razem
that will get you slapped – spowoduje, że zostaniesz spoliczkowany


A: You look grumpy. What's up?
B: It's my go-to face.

grumpy – naburmuszony (easily annoyed and complaining)


I'm continuing this Healthy Eats series by showing you my go-to breakfast: a delicious, filling and healthy combination of yoghurt, cereal and berries.

healthy eats – zdrowe posiłki
filling – sycący (If food is filling, you feel full after you have eaten only a little of it)

My go to workout song is Fighter by Christina Aguilera. It's been on my list for over 5 years now and it STILL pumps me up!

a workout song – piosenka przy której ćwiczę
to pump me up – nakręcać (to make someone feel more excited)

When it comes to hot drinks in the winter, my go-to Starbucks order is a tall decaf sugar-free vanilla soy misto.

an order – zamówienie
decaf – bezkofeinowa
misto – kawa z mlekiem (Café au lait)

Hope you enjoyed.

See you in my next post :)



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  2. lubię takie blogi bo idzie się z nich czegoś nauczyć, przydało by się jednak trochę bardziej uporządkować wpisy z tłumaczeniami

  3. I really like your blog. It is so informative and helpful. I will surely read it from the very beginning.

  4. Thank you so much!

    I'm glad you enjoy it :)

  5. Zamiast bubble, lubie mówić rumble rumble rumble :D Jak w South Parku

    1. hahaha, rzeczywiście to dobry zamiennik ;)

      tylko pamiętaj Chytrusku, żeby pisać oba słowa przez "a" (babble, ramble)

      Pozdrawiam :)