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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

random word of the day: TO HAVE (A FEW) CHOICE WORDS

random word of the day: TO HAVE (A FEW) CHOICE WORDS
– chcieć powiedzieć (kilka) ostrych słów
(to want to say something vulgar or rude)

(1) She won't return my calls, answer my emails, or anything. Just as well. I've got a few choice words for her, most of them being the four letter variety.

to return somebody’s calls – oddzwonić  (to phone somebody after you have been unable to take the call)
the four letter – tu brzydkie słowa (bad language)
a variety – typ, rodzaj, gatunek (a type)

(2) You know that time you stubbed your toe and the blinding pain caused you to shout a string of choice words that would make your mother cringe? Turns out you weren’t being rude — you were easing the pain.

to stub your toe – uderzyć się w palec u nogi (to hurt your toe by hitting it against a hard object by accident)
a blinding pain – oszałamiający ból (an extreme feeling of suffering)
a string of – seria, ciąg (a series of)
to cringe (with embarrassment)– skręcać się (z zakłopotania) (to feel very embarrassed)
Turns out – okazuje się (It has been discovered that)
to ease – łagodzić, uśmierzać (to make the pain less intense)

(3) Man, if I ever see the guy who upset Clamu, I’ve got a few choice words for him, like “you”… and “are”… and… “a jerk!

to upset (upset-upset) – wytrącać z równowagi (o make someone worried, unhappy or angry)
a jerk – palant (an idiot)

(4) As we all know, there are many causes for cussing. Minor self-injury is one of them, and such a cause is generally not newsworthy. For example, a local minister is hammering a ceremonial "first nail" as part of a volunteer project to renovate low-income housing. The minister sends the hammer down on his own thumb and then screams several choice words, to the great surprise of his congregants. While this is undoubtedly embarrassing to the minister and quite possibly amusing to the congregants, the episode is irrelevant to the [news] story (…).

to cuss– przeklinać (to use bad language)
minor – drobny (not serious)
self-injury – samouraz (when you hurt yourself)
newsworthy – wart publikacji (interesting enough to be published)
a minister – pastor, duchowny  (a priest)
ceremonial – tradycyjny, rytualny (fixed and traditional, performed on important social or religious occasions)
volunteer – społeczny, dobrowolny (social)
low income housing – mieszkania ubogiej części społeczeństwa (flats and houses of poor people)
congregants – członkowie zgromadzenia (a member of a congregation, especially that of a church or synagogue)
undoubtedly – bez wątpienia (surely)
amusing – zabawny (funny)
an episode – zdarzenie (an event)
irrelevant – nieistotne (unimportant)

 (5) I've already had two scammers contact me (wanting me to ship the camera), but they're easy to weed out, of course. I just ignore them. (Well, actually, I had a couple of choice words for one of them, but I'm too much of a lady to repeat them here.

a scammer (slang) – oszust (a con artist, a swindler, a person who deceives other people by making them believe something false or making them give money away)
to ship – wysłać (to send, to post/mail)
to weed out wyplenić, pozbyć się (to get rid of unwanted things or people from a group)

SUP? :)


  1. Bardzo fajny wpis :) czytając go poznałem kilka ciekawych słówek, o których nie wiedziałem ;) Czasem warto jest poczytać mądrzejszych od siebie ;)

  2. Bardzo fajny wpis :) Trafiłam tu szukając znaczenia wyrażenia "major cringe", a przy okazji poznałam jeszcze inne ciekawe zwroty! Thanks!