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Friday, February 8, 2013

random word of the day: JUST AS WELL

random word of the day: JUST AS WELL – dobrze, że/ dobrze się składa/złożyło  (it is a good thing, it’s a lucky thing to happen)

(1) It's just as well you're not here - you wouldn't like the noise.

(2) He left at three, which was just as well or he'd have missed the train.

(3) Our next presenters are young and thin, with the hair and teeth... They're lovely to look at. Which is just as well, because they're presenting the award for Best Foreign Language Film, a category that no one in America cares about! Please welcome Olivia Wilde and Robert Pattinson. /Ricky Gervais at The 68th Annual Golden Globe Awards/

(4) I once sent a resume to a prospective employer that included "detial-oriented"* in my "Profile" statement. They never called me. Which is just as well,  since I'd obviously not want to work for anyone who'd miss such an egregious error.

* It should say: “detail-oriented.

(5) None of my friends has ever asked me to join them skiing. Which is just as well, because I would have to decline, making up some feeble excuse like, “No, I don’t know how to ski, and I am afraid I will kill myself as I try to learn.”

(6) /article title/ Man tattoos his name across face of woman he met only 24 hours earlier – and now they're getting married (just as well really!)

a resume – życiorys (a CV)
prospective – potencjalny (potential)
egregious – skandaliczny, oczywisty (extremely bad, shocking)
to decline – odmówić (to refuse, to say no to an invitation)
detail-oriented – osoba przykładająca wagę do szczegółów, skrupulatny (with an eye for details, with attention to detail)
feeble – kiepski, słaby (weak)

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