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Monday, February 18, 2013

random word of the day: TO MEAN BUSINESS

random word of the day: TO MEAN BUSINESS – nie żartować sobie (to be serious about something, mean what one says)

(1) This dude means business when it comes to teaching. His tests are hard, but he helps you learn and understand the material really well. Thanx Mr. T!

a dude – facet (a guy, a man)

(2) Jen was Ivory’s roommate, and I had grown to like her just as much – mostly because, unlike Ivory, she could hold her liquor and didn’t believe in long-term relationships. Jen was the kind of girl who went out only once every so often, so when she did, she meant business

to grow to like somebody – zaczynać kogoś lubić (to gradually start to like somebody)
unlike – w przeciwieństwie do (as opposed to)
to hold one’s liquor – by wprawionym w piciu dużych ilości alkoholu (to be resistant to intoxication or to show few signs of intoxication, even after consuming a significant amount of alcohol)
once every so often – raz na jakiś czas (not often)

(3) Bud is a kickass trainer. He's extremely focused and will push you to work harder than you ever thought possible- even if you already think you're plenty self-motivated. He will train you like the rockstar athlete you are – or think you are. When Bud tells you to do a third rep of push-ups or squats, you'll do it –  even though your muscles are burning, your heart's pounding, and you really don't feel like it. Don't let his soft-spoken and polite demeanor fool you- he means business.

kickass – zajebisty (cool, awesome)
plenty – bardzo (very)
an athlete – sportowiec (a sportsman)
a rep – powtórzenie (a repeat)
push-ups – pompki
squats – przysiady
Your heart is pounding. – Serce ci wali (Your heart is beating fast.)
to feel like (doing) something – mieć ochotę na coś (to want to do something at a specific time)
soft-spoken – o łagodnym głosie (having a quiet pleasant voice)
demeanor (demeanour) – zachowanie, wygląd (a way of looking and behaving)
to fool – oszukać (to trick )

(4) Let’s say that your four-year-old daughter is with her father at the fast food establishment and she has to go to the bathroom, and she means business when she says “Right now!” No time for a quick run home…is it okay for Dad to take her into the Men’s room if there is no “family friendly bathroom”?

an establishment – instytucja, placówka (a  business or other organization, or the place where an organization operates)



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