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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Girly Talk: Valentine's Day

Hi dolls!


YOU are in a committed relationship (married, engaged, long-time boyfriend) having a relaxing night in with a nice bottle of wine, laughing with your husband/fiancé/ boo at all the fools sitting in crowded cinemas or waiting in line to pee or pay for their bill or

YOU are casually dating this bloke and waiting for tonight for him to prove if he’s your Prince Charming or Prince I’m Oh So Afraid of Commitment and Making it Facebook Official (Girl, he’d better bring his A-game tonight.) or

YOU have been badly crushing on this guy that doesn’t even know that you exist and you are just now putting finishing touches to the valentine that is going to land in his locker/mail box or tucked behind his windscreen wiper or maybe

You are sitting comfortably on your sofa eating junk food (Pass me the Cheetos, will you?), watching a Gossip Girl marathon or your favourite mushy chick flick, thinking of nipping off to the kitchen for another scoop of the ice-cream (strawberry-flavoured for me, please) and wearing your Forever Alone t-shirt; or even if 

YOU are having a blast at a girls’ night out, busting a move like there’s no tomorrow:


to All My Girls!!!!!!!!!!!!


a committed relationship – poważny związek (a serious relationship)
a night in – wieczór spędzony w domu (the opposite of a night out, staying at home)
fiancé narzeczony (the man who a woman is engaged to marry)
a boo – ukochany/a (a boyfriend/ girlfriend)
a fool – głupiec (a silly/stupid/foolish person)
casually – niezobowiązująco (without commitment, not seriously)
a bloke – koleś, chłopak (a guy, dude)
commitment – zaangażowanie (when you are willing to give your time and energy to something that you believe in)
to make it Facebook Official – when your Facebook profiles say: “In a Relationship”
he’d better – lepiej, żeby (He had better, used to suggest an action or to show that it is necessary)
to bring your A-game – dać z siebie wszystko (to do your best, to try hard)
to badly crush on – poważnie podkochiwać się w (to have a serious crush on someone)
to put the finishing touches to/ put the finishing touches on – wprowadzać ostatnie poprawki  (to add the final improvements to something so that you are satisfied with it or certain that it is complete)
tucked – wciśnięte (pushed into)
a windscreen wiper/ a windshield wiper – wycieraczka przedniej szyby (in a car one of two long metal and rubber parts that move against a windscreen to remove rain)
mushy – łzawy (overly emotional)
a chick flick – a film about relationships, romance, etc. that attracts mainly women
to nip off to – zasuwać do (to go somewhere quickly)
a scoop (of ice-cream) – gałka, kulka (a portion of ice-cream)
to have a blast – dobrze się bawić (to have fun, have a great time)
a girls’ night out – babski wieczór na mieście (girls going out together)
to bust a move – tańczyć (to dance)

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