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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My Digs: Like There's No Tomorrow


Do you ever feel like you can only remember information you have no use for that is random and redundant? I swear there must be something in my brain that often filters out things I want and need to remember or memorise and leaves me with info I don't need.

I hope you can relate :).

Anyway, today's phrase is the kind of phrase you don't really need but at the same time you might find it fun to know. It will definitely add a little bit of flavour and drama to the way you speak.

Like there's no tomorrow means that you do something:

  • fast or energetically and/or
  • without thinking carefully, excessively;
  • with passion and commitment, eagerly.

You might also come across its variations: like there ain't no tomorrow or like there was/were no tomorrow.

And now onto some examples...

I'm glad my hiding place makes it impossible for the cameras to get a close shot of me because I'm biting my nails like there's no tomorrow. (Katniss in the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

The awkward moment when you hurt yourself in a shop and just want to swear but you keep saying 'ouch' and then you go to your car and swear like there's no tomorrow.

When cops come, I run like there's no tomorrow.

I’m lazy as hell; I procrastinate like there's no tomorrow. Having a blog seems impossible to me. But I have so many things to say.

I can't stand energy drinks. Taurine tastes awful, and some of them give me the shakes if I drink a full one. (Which is odd, since I can drink coffee like there's no tomorrow ... )

On Black Friday I usually  shop like there's no tomorrow.

And I'm going to clean and declutter like there's no tomorrow before I go to work. So, by the time I go out of town, our apartment will be sparkling


random – przypadkowy
redundant – zbędny, niepotrzebny
to filter out – dosł. odfiltrowywać, tut. usuwać (remove)
to memorise/ memorize – uczyć się na pamięć
to relate (to something) – dobrze rozumieć, (to understand a situation or someone's feelings because you have experienced a similar situation or similar feelings)
drama – dramatyzm
excessively – w nadmiarze
commitment – zaangażowanie
eagerly – z ochotą, gorliwie
to come across something – natknąć się, napotkać
a close shot – tut. zbliżenie (kamery)
to bite your nails – obgryzać paznokcie
awkward – niezręczny, kłopotliwy
to swear – przeklinać
cops – gliniarze (police officers)
to procrastinate – odkładać coś na później, zwlekać (to keep delaying something that must be done, often because it is unpleasant or boring)
odd – dziwny
Black Friday – Friday that follows Thanksgiving Day in the US, when a lot of shops have sales and are open from early hours of the morning (2/3 a.m.)
to declutter – porządkować (to clutter – zaśmiecać)
sparkling – dosł. połyskujący, tut. na blask
layers – warstwy
put somebody off doing something – zniechęcić

words from the picture:

movie lines – słowa z filmu
song lyrics – słowa piosenki
a catchphrase – utarta fraza
(a) reindeer – renifer(y)

Have a great week and if you decide to shop like there's no tomorrow, make sure you don't wear too many layers – it is so hot inside all the shopping centres where I live that it can put you off shopping if your clothes are too warm ;).

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