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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

random word of the day: PRINCE CHARMING


random word of the day: PRINCE CHARMING – książę z bajki (a perfect male partner)

(1) She has found her Prince Charming, and he treats her like the queen that she is.

(2) The needy Gigi Haim is a young woman seeking her prince charming somewhere amongst her unsuccessful dates.

(3) I'm no Prince Charming but I try my best. I'm a good guy who treats a lady right and doesn't play games.

(4) I think I had a Cinderella moment yesterday when my Prince Charming came in the shop! Even though he did not ride up on a white horse, (he does have a white van), or pull out a glass slipper, he did make me smile!! We can still live happily ever after! Thank you Jim!! Happy wife ~

to treat – traktować (to deal with someone in a particular way)
needy – ‘przylepa’ (wanting too much attention and love)
to seek something – szukać (to look for, to try to find)
amongst – wśród  (among)
I’m no – żaden ze mnie (I’m not _______ at all)
to try my best – dać z siebie wszystko (to do all I can)
to play games – zwodzić (to deceive someone for a long time about what you are really intending to do)
Cinderella – Kopciuszek (a girl in a traditional story who was badly treated by her sisters but who met and married a  prince)
to have a Cinderella moment – poczuć się jak Kopciuszek (to feel like Cinderalla)
a slipper – tu: pantofelek, but wsuwany (a shoe that you slip on and don’t have to tie)
a measuring tape – centymetr krawiecki
to live happily ever after – żyć długo i szczęśliwie (words that are used at the end of a fairy tale)




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