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Thursday, November 8, 2012

random word of the day: TO DO THE TRICK

random word of the day: TO DO THE TRICK – działać, pomagać, skutkować (to achieve the desired result)

(1) Giving the bottle a good shake usually does the trick.

(2) An over the counter sleep aid, taken at the beginning of the flight, usually does the trick.

(3) Just 30 minutes will do the trick. Half an hour of daily exercise is enough to get into shape.  

(4) What to Do When You’re Not Interested in Him –  A smile and a, “No, I’m sorry,” usually does the trick. He’ll hopefully get the hint (if he hasn’t already).

(5) They say we have a chance of rain tonight...I washed my car today and everything … That usually does the trick.

desired – pożądany, upragniony (hoped for)
to give something a good shake – mocno potrząsnąć
over the counter – bez recepty (without the need for a doctor’s prescription)
a sleep aid – środek na sen (medicine that helps us fall asleep)
to get into shape – odzyskać formę/ figurę (to get fit)
to get the hint – zrozumieć aluzję (to understand an indirect message)
to resist – powstrzymać się (to stop myself from doing something)

Oh, and I couldn’t resist. I just had to include this viral pic:

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