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Monday, November 26, 2012

random word of the day: ON THE OFF CHANCE

random word of the day: ON THE OFF CHANCE – licząc na to, że (hoping that something may happen, although it is not very likely)

(1) So I went out to see her and took a bunch of flowers on the off chance that she might be as cute as she sounded.

(2) You are too young and too awesome to be sitting around waiting for him on the off chance that he might find a few minutes to spend with you.

(3) I always try to leave the city with at least one more book than I think I will actually get through, on the off chance that I can snag a few hours of sustained reading time.

(4) On the off chance there are any girls secretly stalking me, I just want you to know you can stop. I'll totally go out with you.

(5) We pretty much just tolerate her singing on the off chance that she may lose her sh*t on stage and rip her clothes off for no particular reason.

a bunch of flowers – bukiet kwiatów (a bouqet)
awesome – cudowna, fajna (great, amazing)
to sit around – siedzieć bezczynnie (to spend time sitting down and doing very little)
to get through a book – skończyć czytać książkę (to finish reading a book)
to snag – załapać się na (to catch)
sustained – nieprzerwany, długi (continuous, long)
to stalk – śledzić, prześladować (to illegally follow and watch someone over a period of time)
totally – na pewno (for sure)
pretty much – na dobrą sprawę (almost)
to lose one’s shit – tu: załamać się nerwowo, oszaleć (here: to have  a mental breakdown)
to rip one’s clothes off – zedrzeć z siebie ubranie (to take off your clothes by tearing them apart)
for no particular reason – bez konkretnego powodu (without anyone knowing why)

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