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Sunday, November 11, 2012

random word of the day: (IT'S) JUST MY LUCK!

random word of the day: (IT’S) JUST MY LUCK! – takie już moje szczęście (It’s always me who experiences bad things.)

(1) It is a pity there aren’t any more intellectuals living around here. Mr Lucas wears corduroy trousers, but he’s an insurance man. Just my luck!

(2) Got up at six o’clock for my paper round. I have got Elm Tree Avenue. It is dead posh. All three papers they read are very heavy: The Times, the Daily Telegraph and the Guardian. Just my luck!

(3) I shall go mad through lack of sleep! My father has banned the dog from the house so it barked outside my window all night. Just my luck! 

(4) I feel rotten today. It’s my mother’s fault for singing ‘My Way’ at two o’clock in the morning at the top of the stairs. Just my luck to have a mother like her. There is a chance my parents could be alcoholics. Next year I could be in a children’s home.

It’s a pity. – szkoda (It’s a shame/ unfortunately)
corduroy trousers – sztruksy
an insurance man – agent ubezpieczeniowy
a paper round – rozwożenie gazet (the job, usually done by children, of taking newspapers to people's homes)
dead – bardzo (very)
posh – luksusowy, z wyższych sfer, bogaty (expensive, rich, from a high social class)
I shall – I will
to go mad – oszaleć (to go crazy)
lack of sleep – brak snu (not enough sleep)
to ban somebody from somewhere – zakazać wstępu (to not allow someone to enter a place)
to bark – szczekać (when a dog produces a sound)
to feel rotten – czuć się kiepsko, beznadziejnie (to feel really bad)
my mother’s fault – to przez moją mamę (my mum is to blame)
 a children’s home – dom dziecka (a place where children are cared for if their parents are dead or unable to take care of them)

Hi guys!

 All of today’s examples come from a novel by Sue Townsend titled: The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13 3/4. I first read this book a couple of years ago when I was beginning to read for pleasure in English and I remember loving it. The book is funny. The language is really accessible and Adrian is just a very special boy. You can’t not enjoy yourself when you read an Adrian book. (Oh, have I mentioned there is a whole series of Adrian Mole books? Nine to be exact or so says the Internet.)

I think I have only read two of them, so I will definitely try to lay my hands on the remaining titles. 

 Also .......

Happy November 11th!


to read for pleasure in English – czytać dla przyjemności po angielsku (to read English books for fun rather than to learn something useful)
accessible – przystępny (easy to understand)
You can’t not enjoy yourself – Nie można nie lubić (You will enjoy it for sure.)
 to mention – wspomnieć (to speak about something giving little detail or using few words)
to be exact – dla ścisłości (precisely)
to lay hands on – dorwać w swoje ręce (to find something)
the remaining titles – pozostałe tytuły (the rest of the titles)

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