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Friday, November 23, 2012

random word of the day: A BALL HOG

random word of the day: A BALL HOG – gracz koszykówki, który nie podaje piłki kolegom z drużyny (a basketball player who does not pass the ball often)

(1)  – You had 138 points, zero assists ... I think you might need to work on your sharing.
     – Yeah, I was a bit of a ball hog last night, to say the least.
    – Is it going to be tough for you to pass the gravy at dinner tomorrow night?
(Thanksgiving dinner)
     – Yeah, I might have to keep that all to myself too.

(2) For the record, I’m fine with Los Angeles Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant being an undeniable, unrepentant ball hog.

(3) Some people call him a ball hog, but he's not. He's the reason why we win these games. He does what's best for the team.

to say the least – delikatnie mówiąc (to put it mildly)
tough – trudne, ciężkie (difficult)
gravy – sos (pieczeniowy) (sauce made from meat juices, liquid and flour
for the record – żeby było jasne (so that the facts are clear)
I'm fine with – nie mam nic przeciwko (I don't have a problem with)
undeniable – niezaprzeczalny (obviously true)
unrepentant – nieskruszony (not feeling sorry for what you do/have done)
a host – gospodarz
very – dokładny (exact)
a snippet – fragment (a fragment)

Hi guys!

Example (1) comes from a Jimmy Kimmel vid, in which the host interviews a very talented young basketball player. To listen to the very snippet, skip to 1:23.

Have a great weekend!


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