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Thursday, November 22, 2012

random word of the day: TO HAVE THE MEMORY OF A GOLDFISH

random word of the day: TO HAVE THE MEMORY OF A GOLDFISH – mieć bardzo krótką pamięć, pamięć złotej rybki (to have poor memory, to be forgetful) 

The saying is a reference to a popular misconception that a goldfish has a memory span of three seconds.

(1) Wow, you really have the memory of a goldfish... You asked the same question a couple of days ago.

(2) A while ago, I read somewhere (Don’t ask me where; I have the memory of a goldfish.) that if you put a dry towel in your dryer with wet clothes, the wet clothes will dry faster.

(3) You do have the memory of a goldfish, but I shouldn't talk. Mine’s bad too, but it’s the memory of a larger fish.

(4) Mythbusters tested the contemporary legend that goldfish only had a memory span of three seconds and were able to prove that goldfish had a longer memory span than commonly believed. The experiment involved training the fish to navigate a maze. It was evident that they were able to remember the correct path of the maze after more than a month.

a misconception – błędne przekonanie (an idea that is wrong)
a memory span – zakres pamięci (the length of time someone can remember something)
contemporary – współczesna (existing now)
commonly – powszechnie (widely)
to navigate – pokonać (to make your way through)
a maze – labirynt (a labyrinth)
evident – widoczny, oczywisty (easily seen or understood; obvious)
a path – ścieżka, droga (a route or track between one place and another)

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