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Sunday, November 4, 2012

random word of the day: A TURTLENECK/ A POLO NECK

random word of the day: A TURTLENECK (US)/ A POLO NECK (UK) – golf (a close-fitting, round, and high collar that folds over and covers the neck or a sweater/jumper with such collar)

(1) I hate when guys wear turtlenecks. They just look wrong.
(2) I love turtleneck sweaters in the winter. First of all, they're warm. Second of all, I don't have to wear a #$@%! tie with them.
(3) The fatter, the puffier, the fluffier, the bigger the turtleneck
 The more gangster it is.
(4) I like to keep warm in winter and M&S wool polo neck jumpers are a must have for me.
(5) A polo neck jumper is one of the most classic winter pieces. It is incredibly warm for the coldest of days and also great for wearing in an air conditioned office.

close-fitting – obcisły (tight)
a collar – kołnierz
to fold over – zawijać się (to bend so that one part covers another part)
fluffy – puszysty (big and soft)
puffy – puchaty (big and soft)
the puffier/fluffier – im bardziej puszysty/puchaty
the more gangster it is – tym bardziej gangsterski
M&S – Marks & Spencer
a must have – coś obowiązkowego (a necessity)
a piece – element garderoby (a clothing item)
air-conditioned – klimatyzowane


Make sure you don’t mix these two up. Polo necks (or turtlenecks) are warm and usually worn in the winter, whereas polo shirts are more summer-appropriate and are associated with sports.

to mix up – pomylić, pomieszać jedno z drugim (to fail to recognise two people or things correctly by thinking that one person or thing is the other person or thing)
summer-appropriate – odpowiednie na lato (suitable for the summer)
associated with – kojarzone z, utożsamiane z (linked to)


Hope you enjoyed!


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