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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

random word of the day: TO DO A 180

random word of the day: TO DO A 180 (ONE-EIGHTY) – zmieniać się o 180 stopni (to change dramatically)

(1) In the past 6 to 7 months, she has just done a complete 180 both in school and at home, and I think her teacher put it best- she's just started being lazy.

(2) Bella's whole life does a 180 when she meets Edward; a beautiful and mysterious classmate, who is actually a vampire.

(3) Looks like the golf gods heard my prayers because the weather did a complete 180, and other than a few showers on Saturday, it was sunny all week.

(4) Sunny is determined to change her life and does a 180 when she leaves prison and enrolls at Thomas Ford University, where she meets Jackson Carter.

to put it best – najlepiej to ująć (to phrase it best, use the best words)
other than – z wyjątkiem (except for)
 a shower – przelotny deszcz (a short period of rain)
to enroll at (a school) – zapisać się (to put yourself or someone else onto the official list of members of a course, college or group)

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