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Friday, November 2, 2012

random word of the day: TO MAKE A BEELINE FOR

random word of the day: MAKE A BEELINE FOR – udać się prosto w kierunku, wybrać najkrótszą drogę (to go directly and quickly towards)

 A BEELINE –  a quick and direct route (from the belief that bees take such routes when they return to their hives)

(1) The children wolfed down their compulsory rice with soup and made a beeline for the sweets!
(2) I always make a beeline for the clearance section after a quick stop at the dollar isle.
(3) We do not even think twice and make a beeline for the bar stools. A mistake, because they are the most uncomfortable, slippery stools I have ever sat on.

a route – trasa (a particular way of getting somewhere)
a hive – ul (where bees live)
to wolf down – pochłaniać, jeść łapczywie (to eat a large amount of food very quickly)
compulsory – obowiązkowy (non-optional)
a clearance – czyszczenie magazynów (when goods are offered for sale cheaply so that people will be encouraged to buy them and there will be space for new goods)
the dollar isle – dział: wszystko za dolara (a section in a shop where everything costs $1 or less)
slippery – śliski (smooth so that it causes something to slide)


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