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Friday, November 9, 2012

random word of the day: A DOG-EAR, TO DOG -EAR

random word of the day: A DOG-EAR, TO DOG-EAR – zagięty róg w książce, zaginać rogi w książce (the folded corner of a page, to fold the corner of the page of a book, magazine, etc.

(1) How do you keep your place while reading a book? Bookmarks? Dog-ears? 

(2) I don't usually dog-ear book pages but when I do, the book's not mine.

(3) Books that are mine and I know I am keeping, I dog ear. Books that are mine that I will trade in a used bookstore, I bookmark.

(4) My dad was forever reading something and always dog-eared the corners. You know, for future reference. Fast forward and I find myself with piles of dog-eared magazines, piles of tear sheets, files and files of recipes.

(5) I hate dog-ears too! I never fold my pages, write in my books, or break the spines.

a bookmark – zakładka (piece of card, leather or plastic that you put between the pages of a book so that you can find a page again quickly)
to keep – zachować (to have in possession)
to trade – wymienić /na inną książkę/, sprzedać (to exchange or sell)
a used bookstore – sklep z używanymi książkami (a second-hand bookstore)
to bookmark – zaznaczać zakładką (to mark with a bookmark)
forever – ciągle (very often)

for future reference – na przyszłość (so that it’s known and can be used in the future)

fast forward – po latach (after some years)
a pile – stos (objects positioned one on top of another)
a tear sheet – wyrwana strona z czasopisma (a sheet that can be easily torn out of a publication)
a file – teczka
a recipe – przepis (a set of instructions telling you how to prepare and cook food, including a list of what food is needed for this)
a spine – grzbiet książki (the narrow strip where the cover of a book is joined to the pages, usually with the title and writer's name printed on it)


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