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Monday, November 19, 2012

random word of the day: A TOUGH COOKIE

random word of the day: A TOUGH COOKIE – twarda sztuka  (someone who is not easily hurt by what people say and do, a strong and brave person, usually said about a woman or a child)

(1) Thank you in advance for reading. I will always appreciate your feedback, advice and constructive criticism. I'm a tough cookie. I can handle it.

(2) I played softball in high school, so I'm a tough cookie. I consider myself a tomboy because I love to play rough sports and be outside.

(3) I'm a tough cookie. I've just been through so much the past three years, and I'm pretty resilient.

(4) On the exterior she's a tough cookie, but underneath the bravado gooey center.

in advance – z góry (before doing a particular thing)
to appreciate – doceniać, być wdzięcznym (to respect, to be grateful for)
feedback – opinia, ocena (someone’s opinion, assessment)  
I can handle it. – Poradzę sobie z tym. (I can deal with it. I’ll be fine.)
softball –  a game similar to baseball but played with a larger softer ball
I consider myself – I think I (am)
a tomboy – chłopczyca (a boy who acts and dresses like a boy)
rough – brutalne, ciężkie, trudne (dangerous and violent)
to be through – przeżyć, doświadczyć (to experience)
resilient – odporna, wytrzymała (recovering easily and quickly from shock, illness, hardship)
on the exterior – na zewnątrz (on the outside)
bravado – brawura (unnecessary bravery)
gooey – maziowaty (soft)


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