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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

random word of the day: PICK UP WHERE WE LEFT OFF

random word of the day: PICK UP WHERE WE LEFT OFF

POL: zacząć tam, gdzie ostatnio skończyliśmy
albo powrócić do kontaktu po długim czasie, nie odczuwając skrępowania

ENG: to start up again in the very place that one has stopped
or not to feel uncomfortable to talk to a person after a long time

(1) Now … let’s pick up where we left off last week. We have covered the 20 steps to lay a solid foundation for your job search in quite a bit of detail, and now it’s time to examine 13 rituals that will put your job search into overdrive.

to COVER – omawiać (to discuss in class)
to LAY A FOUNDATION – położyć fundamenty (to get ready/ prepared for something)
to EXAMINE – zbadać (to look closely at)
to PUT SOMETHING INTO OVERDRIVE – wprowadzić w najwyższe obroty (to make something work hard and efficiently)

(2) Overcome with exhaustion, we simply got up and left everything as it was. The next morning when we came back to the room, we just picked up where we left off.

to BE OVERCOME WITH something – być owładniętym, ogarniętym przez coś (to be unable to act because of something)
EXHAUSTION – wyczerpanie, przemęczenie (the state of being extremely tired)

(3) In this post, I want to pick up where we left off and discuss another aspect of this, [...].

(4) We just picked up where we left off, like no time had passed and for that I’m grateful.

GRATEFUL – wdzięczny (showing or expressing thanks, especially to another person)

(5) [W]e picked up right where we left off… as if a day hadn’t gone by. Comfort level: High. Moments of awkward silence: None.

AWKWARD – niezręczna, krępująca (embarrassing, making you feel uncomfortable)

(6) If I didn't talk to Danielle for a year, we'd pick up right where we left off.

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