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Sunday, June 25, 2017

random word of the day: SLIDES

random word of the day: SLIDES
ENG: shoes that you usually wear to a swimming pool, backless and open-toed
POL: klapki

(1) Slides are as easy and comfy as they sound. There are no straps or buckles to mess with — you just slide them on and go!
a STRAP – pasek (a mini belt)
a BUCKLE – sprzączka (the metal part of a belt/ flat, typically rectangular frame with a hinged pin, used for joining the ends of a belt or strap)
to MESS WITH – tu. zmagać się (here: to spend/ waste time on)
to SLIDE (a shoe) ON – wsunąć (to move smoothly along a surface while maintaining continuous contact with it)

(2) This summer, slides of all stripes have become the unofficial lazy-girl shoe.
OF ALL STRIPES – każdego rodzaju, wszelkiej maści (of all types)

(3) Move over gladiator sandals, it's all about the slide this summer. Slides have gone from '90s Adidas house slippers to stylish leather designs, some with a low heel for a dressier touch.
MOVE OVER! – z drogi (Get out of the way!)
IT’S ALL ABOUT – uwaga jest skupiona na (everyone should look at/ talk about)
HOUSE SLIPPERS – kapcie (comfortable shoes you wear at home)
A HEEL – obcas (the part of a shoe that makes you look taller)
FOR A DRESSIER TOUCH – dodający elegancji (making you look more elegant)

4) That feeling you get when you take off your bra after a long day is similar to how I feel when I wear socks and slides.
a BRA – biustonosz (a piece of underwear that covers a woman’s chest)

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