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Saturday, September 10, 2016

random word of the day: a COWLICK

random word of the day: a COWLICK

ENG: bit of hair that always sticks out on someone's head

POL: sterczący kosmyk włosów

(1) A cowlick is that often annoying little sprig of hair that seems to grow in a different direction from everything else and just won't lie down
a SPRIG  –  dosł. gałązka, tu: kosmyk (a single small plant stem with leaves on it)

(2) I've finally learned how to tame my dreaded cowlick.
to TAME – poskromić (to control something dangerous or powerful)
to DREAD – lękać się, bać się (to be scared of something)
DREADED – przerażający, straszny (awful or scary)

(3) 10 Celebrities Who Have Overcome the Tyranny of the Cowlick.
to OVERCOME – pokonać (to beat somebody, to win a fight with somebody/ something)

(4) I've tried doing a side fringe, but because it's not how the cowlick naturally falls, it always goes back to the middle. What do you girls do?
a SIDE FRINGE – grzywka zaczesana na bok (bangs that point to the side)

(5) My niece has two cowlicks side by side on her crown, each going in opposite directions, so when she was a baby she had the cutest little natural mohawk that stuck straight up! Now her hair is very long, and you would never know.
SIDE BY SIDE – obok (next to each other)
the CROWN OF ONE’S HEAD – czubek głowy (the top part of a head)
a MOHAWK – irokez (a sometimes brightly coloured hairstyle, often worn in punk fashion, in which the hair is removed from the sides of the head and a central strip is made to point out from the head)
to STICK UP (STUCK-STUCK) – sterczeć pionowo (to point up above the surface of something and not lie flat)

YOU WOULD NEVER KNOW – Nikt by się nie domyślił. 

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