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Friday, September 2, 2016

random word of the day: OVER MY DEAD BODY

random word of the day: OVER MY DEAD BODY

never, If you say something will happen over your dead body, you mean that you will do everything you can to prevent (stop) it

po moim trupie

(1) I know Dad wanted Gran to move in with us when she's better, but Mum said 'over her dead body', and that if Gran moved in, she'd move out.

to MOVE IN WITH SOMEONE – tutaj: wprowadzić się do kogoś (here: to start living in someone’s house)

(2) You want to take my kids away from me? Over my dead body!
*whips out a shotgun*

to WHIP OUT – błyskawicznie wyjąć (to pull out quickly)
a SHOTGUN – strzelba (a long gun which fires a large number of small metal bullets at one time, which is meant to be used for shooting birds and animals)

(3) [at his wife's funeral]
Daniel: When she first mentioned what's about to happen, I said, "Over my dead body." And she said, "No, Daniel, over mine... "

A FUNERAL – pogrzeb (a ceremony for burying or burning the body of a dead person)
to MENTION – wspomnieć (to talk about something for a short time)

(4) Over my dead body will I ever recommend anyone buy an appliance at Sears. Waiting over 2 weeks for a service call on my washing machine that has already had to be serviced 5 times now. Then receiving a call just now saying they have to reschedule to next week. Totally unacceptable customer service. Never again.

an APPLIANCE – urządzenie (a machine)
to RESCHEDULE – przełożyć na inny termin (to agree a new and later date for something to happen)

(5) I have raised him to be a great man and it's touching that he won't leave me, but over my dead body is he going to give up his dreams for me.

to RAISE – wychowywać (to take care of a person until they are completely grown)
TOUCHING – wzruszający (making you want to cry)
to GIVE UP – zrezygnować (to resign from)

(6) They’re trying to take you away from me. Over my dead body.

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