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Saturday, August 15, 2015

random word of the day: to HAVE A FIELD DAY

random word of the day: to HAVE A FIELD DAY

POL: świetnie się bawić, zwłaszcza kosztem innej osoby

ENG: to take advantage of an opportunity to do something you enjoy doing, especially criticising others

(1) If there's one thing in this world that I love, it's a good Photoshop battle. There's something magical about being able to see how other people's brains work in a tactile way, whether it's super glorious or super messed up. When this picture was posted, Reddit users had an absolute field day. Here are some of the best edits!

TACTILE: namacalny (one that can be touched)

GLORIOUS: wspaniały, cudowny (beautiful, great)

MESSED UP – chory, szalony (sick, crazy)

(2) The Internet Is Having a Field Day With Tom Brady's Atrocious Courtroom Sketch. Naturally, the collective internet basically ignored the court proceedings and turned Brady's ridiculous courtroom portrait into an instant meme.

ATROCIOUS – potworny (especially ugly)

a COURTROOM SKETCH – szkic z sali rozpraw (an artistic depiction of the proceedings in a court of law)

COLLECTIVE – zbiorowy, działający wspólnie (working together)

COURT PROCEEDINGS – postępowanie sądowe (action taken in a court to settle a dispute)

RIDICULOUS – absurdalny, idiotyczny (absurd, idiotic)

(3) The press are going to have a field day when they get hold of this.

to GET HOLD OF SOMETHING – dostać coś w swoje ręce (to obtain, to find something)

(4) ANA: I was having such a nice dream.
CHRISTIAN: Dream about what?
ANA: You.
CHRISTIAN: What was I doing this time?
ANA: Trying to feed me strawberries.
CHRISTIAN: Dr. Flynn could have a field day with that.

(5) I'm sure my therapist could have a field day with this, but one of my favorite things about being a teacher is the power I have as the authority figure in the room.

an AUTHORITY FIGURE – osoba ciesząca się autorytetem (a person who inspires or demands obedience and emulation: Parents, teachers, and police officers are traditional authority figures for children)

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