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Sunday, September 4, 2016

random word of the day: THAT'S A BIT RICH COMING FROM YOU

British word of the day: THAT’S A (BIT) RICH COMING FROM YOU

ENG: You are not being fair – you are as bad as me.
You are a hypocrite.
Look who’s talking.
You’re one to talk./ You should talk.

POL: I kto to mówi!

(1) A: Your driving terrifies the living daylights out of me.
B: Oh yeah? That's rich coming from you – your driving is rubbish.

to TERRIFY THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS OUT OF SOMEONE – śmiertelnie kogoś przerażać (to scare someone very much)
RUBBISH – beznadziejny (bad at something)

(2) A: Are you chewing on a funny looking mushroom by any chance?
B: That's a bit rich coming from you. I've not heard anything productive or remotely related to reality from your corner yet.

to CHEW ON – przeżuwać (to bite something with your teeth)
REMOTELY – w najmniejszym stopniu, choć trochę (only a bit)

(3) RON: You know we are not supposed to do spells outside school.
HARRY: Bit rich coming from you. (staring at the floating car)
RON: Oh, this doesn’t count. We’re only borrowing this. It’s dad’s, we didn’t enchant it…

a SPELL – zaklęcie (a magic formula)
to STARE AT – przyglądać się (to look at something for a long time)
FLOATING – unoszący się w powietrzu (flying)
THIS DOESN’T COUNT. – to się nie liczy
to ENCHANT – zaczarować (to use magic on)

(4) A: Hey, can we give a thought to the little one here?
B: Ho, ho. That’s rich coming from you considering what the little one has seen and heard.

CONSIDERING – zważywszy, że (keeping in mind that)

(5) ROBIN: I’m not engaged anymore.
STRIKE: Why not?
ROBIN: This is rich coming from you.
STRIKE: What’s rich?
ROBIN: We don’t talk about personal… you don’t talk about personal stuff.
STRIKE: I seem to remember spilling my guts all over you in this very pub
ROBIN: Once.

to SPILL YOUR GUTS – zwierzać się ze swoich problemów (to tell someone all about yourself, especially your problems)
IN THIS VERY PUB – dokładnie w tym pubie (in this exact pub)

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