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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Girly Talk: Dresses

Hi girls and boys (?)!!!


Now, that must be really desperate of you, boys, to be reading this post because you know pretty well what's coming, don't you? But, if you've said to yourselves: “Hell, yeah, I'm going to deal with the subject and read this post just so I can learn a bit of English, then more power to you! :) Oh, and just so you know, dresses are the ones that are supposed to cover the upper AND lower body as opposed to skirts, which cover a person from their waist down. If you still don't get it, here's a picture that might help you out a bit:

to deal with – pogodzić się z czymś, zaakceptować coś (to accept)
just so I can – tylko po to, żeby (in order to)
more power to you – gratuluję/ podziwiam (well done! an expression of praise or admiration for someone's success or bravery)
just so you know – wiedzcie, wiedz! (for your information)
as opposed to – w przeciwieńswie do (in contrast to)
from the waist down – od pasa w dół


To be completely honest with you, girls, I'm having serious reservations about writing this post. Why? I'm a jeans and a t-shirt kind of girl (and a blazer girl too). That makes my mornings unproblematic (There's no colour that doesn't go with denim.), but that definitely doesn't make me an authority on fashion and styling. But fear not – this post is going to be more about description than styling advice.

Some of you might think that I need exorcism with my no-dresses policy but, again, don't worry. I do own a few dresses. They're reserved for special occasions, when it's expected of me to look more polished and ladylike :)

Let's talk dresses now, shall we?

to have reservations about something – mieć obawy (to have doubts)
an authority on – autorytet (an expert on a subject)
styling – stylizacja
fear not – nie bójcie się (do not worry)
a policy – zasada (a rule)
it's expected of me – oczekuje się ode mnie (when people expect me to)
polished – w sposób nienaganny, zadbany (smart)


Body con dresses, also called bandage dresses, are figure-hugging dresses that are worn to show off female curves. They also happen to be very in this season.

figure-hugging – dopasowane, obcisłe (tight)
curves – krągłości, kształty (the shape of a woman's body)
in – modne (fashionable)


High low dresses have a hemline that is shorter at the front and longer at the back, so the dress hits you above the knees from the front but it can be mid-calf or floor-length from the back.

a hemline – długość lub rąbek, brzeg (the length of a skirt or dress, or the lower edge of a skirt or dress)
mid-calf – do połowy łydki
floor-length – do ziemi


Peplum dresses have extra fabric around the waist that forms a ruffle. They're very on trend this season.

fabric – materiał (material)
a ruffle – falbana
on trend – modne (fashionable)


Skater dresses, as the name suggests, are similar to the dresses that are worn by female ice-skaters. They're quite flattering – they are fitted on top, cinched in at the waist and they flare at the skirt.

flattering – twarzowe (making someone look good)
fitted – dopasowane (tight)
cinched (in) at the waist – zwężające się w talii (with an accentuated waist)
to flare – poszerzać się (to widen, to loosen)



Cutout dresses are perfect for girls who want to show a bit of skin through cutouts.

a cutout – wycięcie


With their buttons, collars and cuffs, shirt dresses look just like oversized shirts. Next time you need to look super fab and stylish, raid your boyfriend's closet :)

a collar – kołnierzyk
a cuff – mankiet
fab – fabulous – świetnie, olśniewająco (great)
to raid – zrobić nalot ;) (to attack a place suddenly)


Tulip dresses are close-fitting on top, whereas at the bottom they resemble a tulip that hasn't opened yet.

close-fitting – dopasowane (tight)
to resemble – przypominać (to look like)


Maxi dresses are my favourite. They're floor-length and flowy. They can be worn loose or cinched in with a belt.

flowy – luźno spływająca ku dołowi
loose – luźne 


Halter dresses are perfect when you want to go with bare arms. They feature a piece of fabric that runs from the front of the dress around the back of the neck.

bare – odkryte (uncovered)
to feature – wyróżniać się czymś (to include someone or something as an important part)


Empire waist dresses have a fitted bodice that ends just below the bust and a loose-fitting skirt. The high waistline is very flattering – it helps accentuate the bust area and hide any trouble spots that we might have ;)

a bodice – stan (the upper part of a woman's dress)
a bust – biust
loose-fitting – luźne
a waistline – talia 


As opposed to empire waist dresses, drop waist dresses have a very low waistline that hits at the hips. Such dresses create an impression of height by lengthening the torso.

hips – biodra
to lengthen – wydłużać (to make something (seem) longer)
a torso – tułów


Pencil dresses are body-hugging and restrictive. There definitely should be an instruction manual on how to walk with every dress of this kind! :)

body-hugging – dopasowane (tight)
restrictive – utrudniające chodzenie, ograniczające (making it difficult to walk)
an instruction manual – instrukcja obsługi

Hope you enjoyed. There sure are more dress styles than those 12, but if you're into fashion, I guess, it's a good start.

Have a happy a healthy weekend and see you in my next post!



  1. Hey!
    I love the introduction bit directed to all boys ;) hihi They never know the diferent between the skirt and dress. I do not blame them! I never know where is biceps and triceps :P

    1. hahhaa, I don't know either :)
      good point well made :D

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