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Friday, February 28, 2014

random word of the day: YOU DON'T LOOK IT

random word of the day: YOU DON’T LOOK IT – nie widać po tobie
(you can't see it just by looking at you)

 (1) My student: I was hyperactive as a child.
Me: Really? You don’t look it. (Laughter)

hyperactive – nadpobudliwy (to have too much energy and have problems focusing on one thing at a time)

(2) Dudley’s favourite punching bag was Harry, but he couldn’t often catch him. Harry didn’t look it, but he was very fast.

a punching bag – worek treningowy (a leather bag filled with air hung from a frame or fixed to a stand, used by  boxers  for training or exercise)

(3) Jag doesn’t look it, but he’s quite the cook. If living on his own taught him anything, it’s to make the most out of what little you have.

to be quite the cook – całkiem nieźle gotować (to be able to cook really well)
to make the most (out) of – w pełni coś wykorzystać (to use something well, in a clever and creative way)
what little you have – to, co posiadamy (what we’ve got and not more)

(4) He doesn't look it but inside he's really nervous. He always is. He just never lets anybody see.

(5) Cameron Diaz is 40 and her body definitely doesn’t look it. But then very few Hollywood actresses look their age in this era of personal trainers, nutritionists and pilates programs.

but then (again) – ale przecież, ale z drugiej strony (but when you think about the matter more or in another way)
to look your age – wyglądać na swój wiek (to look in the way that shows how old you are)
a nutritionist – dietetyk, żywieniowiec (a person who specialises in what and how much a person should eat)

(6) I hate it when a bloke is trying to chat me up, then when he asks my age and I tell him, he goes: 'Wow you don't look it!’ You only look about 23/24!' It's the biggest load of bullshit for flattery, and besides, what makes them think I have a problem with being nearly 30 anyway?

a bloke – koleś, gość (a guy)
to chat somebody up – zagadać, poderwać (to talk to someone in a way that shows them that you are sexually attracted to them)
a load of bullshit – pie****enie (a total lie)
flattery – pochlebstwa (saying compliments, saying nice things about somebody)
besides – poza tym (also)
anyway – w ogóle (used for showing that you have come to the end of what you are telling someone)

(7) I am 5’2’’ and currently 139 lbs. When I tell my friends, they say, “Wow, you don’t look it!

5’2’’ – five feet two inches/ five foot two inches ( 1.58 m)
139 lbs – 139 pounds (63 kg)

(8) To look at me no one would ever say that I was Latino," he said. "Whenever I would tell people that my mother is Colombian, they would say 'Wow, you don't look it. You look like a WASP, you look British or something.
WASP – White Anglo Saxon Protestant – przedstawiciel białej elity amerykańskiej pochodzenia angielskiego (a white American whose family originally came from northern Europe, and is therefore part of a group often considered as having the most influence and the most money in American society)


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