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Sunday, April 20, 2014

random word of the day: OVERSHARE

random word of the day: OVERSHARE
to share information that other people neither want nor need to hear, or the result of doing so; can be done online or offline

 (1) Don’t overshare. (…) No, I don’t care to hear about your bodily functions or sad breakup rant. Sorry. Some things are meant to be personal.

bodily – fizjologiczne (relating to the human body)
to be meant to be personal – should be personal
a rant – tyrada (a long, angry and confused speech)

(2) Huh??? You mean you weren't wearing any underwear that whole weekend? Dude, overshare!!!

(3) There always seems to be one person who enjoys oversharing painfully personal experiences in excruciating detail while you are forced to listen.

in excruciating detail – szczegółowo aż do bólu (in too much detail)

(4) - Did I ever tell you about how you were conceived?
- Uh, no, mom, that would be an overshare.

to conceive – począć (to create an embryo by fertilizing an egg)

(5) She always overshares info about her bowels.  We are dieticians, so poop talk is part of the job, but still, I don't need to know every time she has "explosive diarrhea".

a bowel – jelito (the long tube that carries solid waste from the stomach out of the body)
diarrhea – biegunka (an illness in which the body's solid waste is more liquid than usual and comes out of the body more often)

(6) Once upon a Halloween house party, I came under an oversharing spell. As I chatted to a guy dressed as Harry Potter, I found myself exposed – and not just because I was wearing the sexy witch costume I’d picked up at a bargain shop. Thanks to the power of black magic (or alcohol), my secrets vault came unlocked – and I launched into a monologue about the time my first boyfriend dumped me after two years… for a guy. The next day, flashbacks of my overshare haunted me.

Once upon a Halloween house party – jednego roku na imprezie z okazji Halloween  (similar to ‘once upon a time’)
to be under a spell – być zaczarowanym (to behave differently because of magic, to be bewitched)
exposed – odkryta, niczym niechroniona (uncovered)
to pick up – kupić (to buy)
a bargain shop – a shop selling goods at low prices
a vault – krypta, skarbiec (a room, especially in a bank, with thick walls and a strong door, which is used to store money or valuable things in safe conditions)
to launch into – to start
to dump somebody – rzucić (to break up with somebody)
a flashback – wspomnienie (a sudden, clear memory of a past event or time, usually one that was bad)
to haunt – prześladować (to cause repeated suffering or  anxiety) 

to elude – wymykać się, być nieosiągalnym (not able to be understood/ grasped)
cranky – rozdrażniony (easily annoyed or upset)

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