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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Story of My Life: T-shirts

 Hi guys!

I saw this text on a t-shirt in the girls’ section the other day and I was mildly impressed

T-shirts designed for girls don’t usually impress me so much. They’re just not as funny as the ones designed for guys.

That is why when I’m on the hunt for a cool graphic or a text t-shirt, I head over to the men’s section.

Still, in this particular case, the designers could have done so much better.

The way I see it, this text would be a lot funnier if it went across a guy’s chest  


to MAKE SOMEBODY CRY – doprowadzić kogoś do łez (to cause somebody to cry)

THE OTHER DAY – niedawno (a few days ago)

MILDLY – umiarkowanie (slightly)

to BE IMPRESSED – być pod wrażeniem (to like someone’s work)

to be ON THE HUNT FOR – poszukiwać (try to find something by searching carefully or thoroughly)  

a GRAPHIC T-SHIRT – koszulka z obrazkiem (a t-shirt with a picture on it)

a TEXT T-SHIRT – koszulka z napisem (a t-shirt that says something)

to HEAD OVER TO – udać się w stronę (to go to)

IN THIS CASE – w tym przypadku (in this situation)

PARTICULAR – szczególny (this one and not any other)

THE WAY I SEE IT – według mnie (in my opinion, from my perspective)

a CHEST – klatka piersiowa (he upper front part of the body)

Happy Sunday!



  1. Thanks for a nice text :) I read your texts regularly! I agree that it's quite difficult to find a girl's t-shirt with a clever quotation.

  2. Thank you for a lovely comment :)

    I'm glad you enjoy my posts :D