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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Books and Movies: Mock Leather Sofas

Hi guys!

I have always loved J. K. Rowling. Now I love her even more :)

The author of Harry Potter books has a major talent. Everyone knows that.

But she can also be quite a jokester :)

These are a couple of excerpts from her latest novel The Silkworm written under the pseudonym of Robert Galbraith.

(I’m currently reading it and would recommend it to anyone who loves the detective genre.)

Strike dropped onto the sofa in the outer office. It was almost new, an essential expense as he had broken the second-hand one with which he had initially furnished his office. Covered in mock leather that he had thought smart in the showroom, it made farting noises if you moved on it in the wrong way.

Strike lowered himself onto the sofa, which made its usual farting noises beneath him …

‘Arrogant prat,’ said Robin, sitting down on the mock leather sofa, which for some reason did not emit farting noises when she did it. Perhaps, Strike thought, it was his weight.

Strike lowered himself onto the farting leather and ate while reading the article…

MAJOR – ogromny (huge, very big)

a JOKESTER – osoba lubiąca żartować (someone who likes telling funny stories or making people laugh)

an EXCERPT – fragment (a fragment)

a GENRE – gatunek (a kind, type)

the OUTER OFFICE – recepcja (the reception area of an office, outside of the main working area)

ESSENTIAL – niezbędny (basic, necessary)

INITIALLY – początkowo (at first)

to FURNISH – urządzać, meblować (to provide with furniture; to put furniture in)

SMART – elegancka, szykowna (elegant)

a SHOWROOM – salon sprzedaży (a large shop in which people are encouraged to look at the goods that are on sale before buying them)

to FART – pierdzieć (to release gas from the bowels through the bottom)

a PRAT – głupek, idiota (an idiot)

MOCK LEATHER – z imitacji skóry (not real leather, fake leather, faux leather)

Have a great day!