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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Books and Movies: Dumb and Dumber To

Hi guys!

Are you going to the movies to watch Dumb and Dumber To?

Props to the guy who thought of spelling 2 as ‘to’ :D


Dumb and Dumber always makes me think of this one day at the university. It was a class on the culture of English-speaking countries and the professor was discussing most popular holiday resorts in the States.

The minute he said “Aspen” I made what I thought was an inconspicuous turn to my friend’s ear and whispered: Do you remember Dumb and Dumber? She nodded and we both laughed under our breath.

Just a few seconds later, the teacher said, smiling at the same time:” Yes, the city was also featured in the comedy Dumb and Dumber.

I guess, my whisper wasn't as quiet as I thought :D

to GO TO THE MOVIES – pójść do kina (to go to the cinema)

PROPS – szacun (proper respect, admiration)

BRILLIANT – błyskotliwe (very clever)

a RESORT – kurort (a place where many people go for rest, sport or another stated purpose)

INCONSPICUOUS – niepozorny, nie rzucający się w oczy (not easily or quickly noticed or seen; not attracting attention)

to WHISPER – szeptać (to speak very quietly, using the breath but not the voice, so that only the person close to you can hear you)

a WHISPER – szept (an act of whispering)

to NOD – potakiwać (to move your head down and then up)

UNDER YOUR BREATH – po cichu (quietly)

to BE FEATURED – występować w, być przedstawionym w (to be part of)

I GUESS – domyślam się (I think, I suppose)

Have a great weekend!


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