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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

random word of the day: PROTOCOL

random word of the day: PROTOCOL – protokół (the system of rules and acceptable behaviour)

 (1) What’s the protocol when there is a picture of you on the Facebook page of some cool club in town?  Do you:

a) like it
b) share it
c) tag yourself
d) pretend you haven’t seen it and wait till your friends see it and tag you  
e) act like a desperate person, post it on your wall and wait for compliments from your Facebook friends?

to act – postępować (to behave)

(2) So what's the protocol when you phone up a high court judge? (Inviting one to a conference of mine...). Do I call him "Judge so-and-so", or "Your Honour" or what?

to phone up – zadzwonić do (to call, to phone)
so-and-so – plus nazwisko (used instead of a particular name to refer to someone or something, especially when the real name is not important or you have forgotten it)
Your Honour – Wysoki Sądzie (the way to address a judge)

(3) Trail etiquette: What’s the protocol when passing a hiker? Is it just me, or does it bug you when you pass someone on the trail and they don’t say hello, or even acknowledge your existence? I can understand not saying anything when you’re on a short, popular trail, with a ton of people passing by every minute. But when you’re five miles deep in the back country, and there’s no one else around, I just think it’s impolite to ignore a fellow hiker.

a trail – szlak (a path through the countryside)
a hiker – pieszy turysta, wędrowiec (a person who goes for a long walk in the countryside)
to bug – wkurzać, irytować (to annoy)
to acknowledge something – zareagować na coś (to express recognition of, to show that you have seen something)
to pass (by) – mijać (to go past, to walk past)
back country – odludzie, głusza (a region in the countryside where there aren’t many people)
a fellow hiker – inny pieszy, wędrowiec (another hiker)

(4) For the lucky few who get the chance to meet The Queen and other members of the Royal Family, there is plenty of protocol and etiquette that should be strictly observed.

strictly observed – ściśle przestrzegany (closely followed)

(5) Bloggers, sports radio talkers and fans have made quite a bit of sport of Lions receiver Roy Williams after he talked publicly about how cheap he is, from taking women to McDonald's when he goes on a date to declining to tip the pizza delivery man. (…) Williams also clarifies that he has always tipped waiters and waitresses, and that he just wasn't clear on the protocol of tipping the pizza guy.
to make sport of somebody – zrobić z kogoś pośmiewisko

(to joke about someone in a way that makes them seem stupid)

a (wide)receiver – napastnik, zawodnik odbierający piłkę (a player whose function is to receive the ball, esp. a footballer who catches long passes, an offensive position in American and Canadian football,)
cheap – skąpy (mean, not willing to share money)
to decline – odmówić (to refuse, to say no)
to tip – dawać napiwek (to pay extra for a service)
to clarify – wyjaśnić (to explain)
not to be clear on something – mieć wątpliwości (to be confused about something, to have doubts about something)

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