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Sunday, December 28, 2014

random word of the day: THIS/THAT BAD BOY

random word of the day: THIS/THAT BAD BOY

cokolwiek, na co wskazuję, co mam na myśli
to cudo, to cacko

a term for a specific object, thing
a powerful or impressive product or item

(1) Mumbling good-naturedly, “Where is that bad boy?” you pulled all the books out of the lower shelves … (a pet)

to MUMBLE – mamrotać (to speak quietly and in a way that is not clear so that the words are difficult to understand)

GOOD-NATUREDLY – dobrodusznie, życzliwie (in a pleasant, friendly way)

(2) I will finish off that bad boy in a couple of hours, you’d say, about an easy scouting job. (an easy scouting job)

YOU’D SAY – you would say – miałeś zwyczaj mówić (It was usual for you to say that.)

to SCOUT – poszukiwać talentów, odpowiedniego miejsca na sesję fotograficzną etc. (to look for people with a specific talent or a place that has a specific look needed for a photo shoot)

(3) Pass me that bad boy. (object that I’m pointing at)

(4) So isn't it time you took this bad boy for a test drive? (a cool car)

IT’S TIME YOU DID SOMETHING – najwyższy czas, abyś … (You can’t wait anymore to do it. It’s high time you did it.)

a TEST DRIVE – jazda próbna (an act of driving a car that you are considering buying, in order to see if you like it)

(5) It is now my contour colour for my face and I use this bad boy every day. The pigment is great and you can't beat the cost. (a makeup item, bronzer)

YOU CAN’T BEAT – nie znajdziesz lepszej/ lepszego (It’s difficult to find something better when it comes to…)

(6) The jock burger: you gotta try this bad boy (a burger)

YOU GOTTA – you have got to – musisz (you must)

(7) Gonna try this bad boy out today #‎homestudio (microphone)

GONNA – be going to – zamierzać (be planning to) 

(8) So excited to give this bad boy a go!! (coffee syrup)

to GIVE SOMETHING A GO – spróbować (to try)

(9) Gonna give this bad boy a try. (beer)

to GIVE SOMETHING A TRY – spróbować (to try)

(10) Give this bad boy a try next chest day! (a chest exercise)

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