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Friday, December 12, 2014

Books and Movies: Which Christmas Movie is This Line From?

Hi guys! :)

I need this jumper/ sweater in my life so badly!!! :D

Do you remember the Christmas movie the line* is from?

Clue: You have seen it a million times.

* I’m not 100 % sure, but in the Polish version it may be translated as: “Do siego Roku, ty podła gadzino!” (or something along these lines.)

And that never fails to crack me up :D

FILTHY – brudny, plugawy, paskudny (extremely or unpleasantly dirty)

BADLY – bardzo, pilnie (very much)

a CLUE – podpowiedź (a sign or some information which helps you to find the answer to a problem, question or mystery)

SOMETHING ALONG THESE LINES – coś podobnego (something like that, something similar)

to NEVER FAIL TO – nigdy nie przestaje, zawsze działa (to always work)

to CRACK SOMEBODY UP – rozśmieszać kogoś (to make somebody laugh)

If you still can't remember, watch this:

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