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Monday, December 29, 2014

random word of the day: A SELFIE STICK

random word of the day:  A SELFIE STICK (also called: MONOPOD)

wysięgnik teleskopowy do aparatu

an extendable stick to which you attach a camera or mobile phone to take a better photo from further away

EXTENDABLE – wysuwany (describes something that can be made longer)

to ATTACH – przymocować (to connect)

FURTHER (the comparative of ‘far’) – dalszy (from a greater distance)

(1) My mom got a selfie stick for Christmas and I don't think I've seen her more excited.

(2) I did, however, nearly take a woman’s eye out when I was extending my selfie stick.

(3) Woman takes selfie with a dog using selfie stick in an open field with double rainbow.

(4) The controversial stick is either the most loved or the most hated gift of the season. Good Morning America called it one of the hottest gifts of the year and Time even named the selfie stick one of the Best Inventions of 2014, among a filter that fights ebola, for context.

EITHER ... OR   –  albo... albo (one or the other)

FOR CONTEXT – dla porównania (for comparison)

Oh, and my old post about the word 'selfie' can be found here:

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