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Monday, February 16, 2015

Books and Movies: Fifty Shades of Grey - The Hardware Store Scene

Hi guys!

You can hate all you want, but this scene is very cute. Awkward but cute. And the acting is not half bad :D

NOT HALF BAD – nie takie złe (not as bad as you expected)

CHRISTIAN: I thought it was you.
ANASTASIA: What the....
CHRISTIAN: What a pleasant surprise, Ms Steele.
ANASTASIA: Ana, just Ana, just Ana. You’re in here…
CHRISTIAN: I was in the area on business. Needed to pick up a few things. Are you free?
ANASTASIA: Yeah, what can I help you with?
CHRISTIAN: Do you stock cable ties?
ANASTASIA: Cable ties. Yes, they do. I can show you if you want.
CHRISTIAN: Please lead the way, Ms Steele.

TO PICK UP – kupić (to buy)
TO STOCK – posiadać w asortymencie (have for sale)
A CABLE TIE – opaska zaciskowa (a type of fastener, for holding items together)

ANASTASIA: Is that it?
CHRISTIAN: Masking tape.
ANASTASIA: Are you redecorating?
ANASTASIA: We have two-inch and one-inch, but the truly self-respecting handyman will have both in his toolbox.
CHRISTIAN: Of course, he will.
ANASTASIA: It’s rare to find a connoisseur these days. Do you want anything else?
CHRISTIAN: Yes, rope…. That’s impressive. You’re a girl scout?
ANASTASIA: No, organised group activities aren’t really my thing.
CHRISTIAN: So, what is your thing?
ANASTASIA: I don’t know, books? … Ok, rope, tape, cable ties… You’re the complete serial  killer.
CHRISTIAN: Not today :)

MASKING TAPE – taśma maskująca ( tape used mainly in painting, to mask off areas that should not be painted)
TO REDECORATE – robić remont (to do things such as painting the inside of a house or putting paper on the inside walls)
TRULY – prawdziwie (really)
SELF-RESPECTING – szanujący się (who takes his/her work seriously)
A HANDYMAN – pan złota rączka (a man who is skilled at repairing and making things inside or outside the house and who does this in his own home or as a job)
A TOOL BOX – skrzynka na narzędzia (a container in which you keep and carry small tools, especially those used in the house or for repairing a car)
A CONNOISSEUR – koneser (an expert, a person who knows a lot about and enjoys one of the arts, or food, drink, etc. and can judge quality and skill in that subject)
ROPE – lina (strong, thick string made of long twisted threads)
A GIRL SCOUT – harcerka (a girl who can survive in the woods by making a fire and other things)

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